What is SEO Link Bait & 7 Ways SEO Services Do It Right (With Examples Updated 2022)

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What is SEO Link Bait & 7 Ways SEO services Do It Right (With Examples Updated 2022)

It is no secret that link bait has helped produce some of the highest-ranking web pages online. It is also no secret that this concept used by SEO services can be applied to your own sites to boost their ranking.

Link bait works by creating something that provides value to the visitor while also attracting links.

To be considered link bait it should be compelling and actionable content that is highly share-worthy on networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit/Hacker News.

In this article, I would like to share with you some of our most used link bait concepts and examples of these concepts in action.

So, let’s get started!

What is a link bait page?

Link bait is a special type of content that is created to attract links from other websites.

The ultimate goal is to get links from high-quality pages that are relevant to your website and increase the authority of your website.

If used properly, link bait can enable you to boost your link-building campaign and help you gain more organic traffic from search results.

To effectively use link bait one has to write about what people want to read about. Don’t just write about what you know — write about what people want to read about. If you don’t know what people want, try asking them first.

For example, if you’re writing an article on how to choose the perfect pair of sneakers for running, ask your Facebook fans what they think or even run an informal survey using Google Forms or Survey Monkey.

You may find that some folks have specific questions about choosing running shoes and others have general questions about running itself.

That way, when you do publish your post on choosing running shoes, it will be useful for many different types of readers (which means more exposure for your post).

Working with an SEO agency can help your business to achieve these things:

  • Better visibility
  • Better traffic

Link bait is the term used to describe content that is designed to attract links. Matt Cutts, who was a Google employee and the person who was head of Google’s webspam team, defines a link bait page as one that has two characteristics:

  • It must be useful, useful to readers, and useful for search engines.
  • It must also have a clear headline and compelling description text.

What is link baiting in digital marketing?

Link baiting is a form of content marketing that uses strategic and interesting headlines to entice people to click on a link.

The concept of link baiting has been around for a while. It has become increasingly important in digital marketing because social media has changed how we consume information.

Link Bait is about generating the interest in knowing more. Your link bait efforts are successful when the audience is interested enough to click through and investigate more.

You can fashion traditional SEO link bait strategies into more effective techniques for your client’s campaigns to succeed.

Aaron Wall of SEObook may have developed the phrase LinkBait in 2005, when he said, “If you are in a sector where you cannot acquire links organically, make linkbait.”

Link baiting is a technique digital marketers use to increase the number of links to their websites. Link baiting is also known as content marketing or linkbait.

Why Is Link Bait Important?

Link bait pages are important because they can help you to attract links from other websites. When people publish content on their websites, they often want to include linkbacks to their website or other websites that they like or admire.

To do this, they need some incentive to convince them to give you a link. Link bait pages provide this incentive by offering something of value in exchange for being linked back.

How Do You Make A Bait Link?

The key to creating a successful link bait page is to create something that people want to share with others.

If you are creating links for SEO purposes, your goal is to create something that will help people find relevant information about your business or industry.

They could be any number of items: an infographic, an article that answers questions about your industry or product line, etc.

For example, if you sell widgets, you might create an infographic on how many widgets are sold each year in the state of California alone (hint: it is a whole lot!).

If you are trying to do SEO link bait, there are a few key things to keep in mind;

7 Ways to Do SEO Link Bait Right

1) Make it Unique

2) Make it Shareable

3) Make it Valuable (or Free)

4) Make it Informative / Educational

5) Make it Visual / Pictures or Video (Infographics)

6) Make it Funny or Entertaining (Humor)

7) Make it Timely

1. Make it Unique

The best type of link bait includes something unique, such as an unusual statistic or factoid that you could not find anywhere else. If you can offer this type of content on your website, then all you need to do is create a blog post or article and share it with people online.

2. Make it Shareable

Link bait works because it has something that makes people want to share it with their friends and followers. It could be an interesting piece of information or a fun story, but linkbait usually involves some compelling visual elements such as a video or graphic.

3. Make it Valuable (or Free)

It is usually achievable by producing unique content, extremely valuable and fascinating, which encourages other sites to share it with their readership. The result? More visitors who have an interest in your content and the opportunity for them to share it on social media, leading to even more traffic!

When it comes to link bait, one of the best ways to get a site to share your content is to make it valuable or free.

For example, if you have written an article about the benefits of using CBD oil for anxiety sufferers, you could offer it as a free download. If you are writing about how to use social media marketing for small businesses, you could give a free e-book that walks people through the process step-by-step.

The benefit of offering something of value is obvious: people will want it!

4. Make it Informative / Educational

If you are looking for a way to get links, ensure your content is valuable and informative. People will share it if they find it interesting or helpful—if they do not, they will not share.

Make it Informative / Educational – You can achieve this by creating a list of resources that are advantageous to your target audience.

One can do this in many ways: including interviews with experts. And examples of how we can do a specific topic in real-life situations and others.

The idea behind link bait is that you create content people (especially young) will want to link to because it is worthwhile, not because you are trying to get backlinks from it.

For example, if you were creating an article about how to lose weight for someone who has had trouble with dieting in the past, you have to make sure you create it in ways that people would want to share it with their friends and acquaintances.

5. Make it Visual / Video or Pictures (Infographics)

  • Infographics  

These are visual representations of data or information that are often used as infographics by news sites, blogs, and businesses looking for exposure. Infographics are also great for sharing on social networks because they look attractive- people enjoy sharing them with friends.

  • Videos  

Videos can be used as link bait because they are more likely to get shared on social media than just text alone (especially if the video is funny). People like videos because they are entertaining and easy

6. Make it Funny or Entertaining (Humor)

The best way to do this is through your content. People love funny content because they like sharing funny stuff with friends and family. Humor can come from many different sources like memes and even animated gifs that are popular today and other types of media such as videos which are popular too. If you can make your link bait funny, people will be more likely to share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

7. Make It Timely

People love news! So if you have an upcoming event, it could be another great way to increase your chances of getting more traffic because people will want to know what is going on so they can be part of the conversation too!

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What is a link bait bump in SEO?

Link bumping is when someone attempts to manipulate Google rankings by linking back to their website from another site with higher authority in search engines like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, etc. These usually happen by adding links under the “resources” section of another website or within pages on their site where they have control over what gets indexed in search engines.


Overall, link bait is a fantastic new way to get people to see your content and keywords. There are also other ways of getting links back to your website, including by paying for sponsored placement on high-ranking websites.

However, SEO link bait is a legitimate way to get great backlinks pointing back to your website.

Make sure you do it in a way that matches your company’s beliefs and ethics, and always ensure you practice good SEO on the site where you are getting your link from–that way, people will be able to find you when they need more information.

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