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Will Automating SEO Activities Improve your Search Results and Boost Your Business Online Presence?

By Kate John
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Even if you know little about SEO, you will definitely be aware of the fact that properly evaluating and improving upon a website requires significant amounts of time. Fortunately, new tools to accomplish what we strive for in SEO are being created at a faster rate than ever before. Aligned with the suggestions of SearchEngineLand’s SEO advice, there are a few tools out there meant to make your SEO activities run much more efficiently. We will quickly explore how to save time with traffic potential analysis, keyword optimization, and data organization for Technical SEO audit. The best part is, these tools don’t detract from the quality of SEO; they simply save time.

Discovering the Potential Traffic of the Industry

Just like doing any other industry analysis, an analysis of traffic potential and competitor analysis must first be done when considering a new website or SEO campaign. When it is a totally new market, this estimation can present a certain set of challenges, many of which deal with time.

If you’re looking to find data on a specific industry like “health and wellness” SimilarWeb can provide that in bulk. In fact, SimilarWeb is so serious about being the best at this, they currently rank the highest in searches like “Industry traffic potential tool”. SimilarWeb provides information like the most popular sites per channel, industry trends, and traffic per source. This data is aggregated almost instantly with the click of a button.


Using Tools to Always Optimize Keyword Lists
Optimizing Keywords in SEO and PPC is a never-ending process. With the society around us, the internet in in a constant state of flux. As most SEO experienced people know, doing an analysis on keywords used to be a painstaking and slow process. With time, this has improved and we have finally come upon tool that allow us to fully automate this process with incredibly accurate results. One such tool that has recently been gaining a lot of traction is WordTracker. Despite this being a subscription based tool, this tool allows for a search to be made with three competitors and will provide you with data that will show you which keywords they are ranking off of and what traffic is available to capture.


Automating Data organization for SEO audits
In order to gather enough data to do a decent SEO audit of a site or industry, much time must be spent taking data from all over the place. By utilizing other common tools and integrating them through a SEO crawler, a data compiling program called URLprofiler can provide everything you need to do an audit in minutes. The following information is going to get somewhat technical, but not to worry, interpretation is coming.

Prepare for some bullet points, some things included in this data are:

  • backlink checker
  • the site type/software
  • link metrics
  • email data scrapes
  • readability score
  • social account information
  • social share information
  • page rank data
  • Google Analytics API connection
  • IP Addresses
  • Page Speed
  • HTTP status
  • Copyscape duplicate content checker

All this information can be compiled directly in an excel spreadsheet to be easily looked into and analyzed for opportunities. Much of this information is vital to the SEO analyst to properly do an audit, like the readability score value, which tells the URLprofiler user how easily read the website text is for the audience. Here is a small snippet of the data compiling that URLprofiler is capable of:


These tools are simply results to the problem of marketers trying to stay as efficient as possible. In the past, SEO involved a lot of toiling and staring as spreadsheets for hours at a time. Like the story goes, we marketers have finally started using weapons of the trade to advance ourselves and save time. With fresh, innovative technology coming out every day used to automate our keyword research, compile data for SEO audits, and analyze industry traffic potential, we have nowhere to go but up.

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