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What will happen to Google autocomplete API on 10 August 2015?

By Aron Allen
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As Google announced just recently, they will be shutting off their unpublished Autocomplete API on August 10 of this year. Let’s look into what this is and what this will do.
First of all, who even cares?

Well, if you’ve ever worked with keywords before this will likely affect your work. The unpublished autocomplete API helps about a many businesses by providing valuable keyword information. It does this by using an undocumented API that provides the top 10 most common (fresh) results for any keyword entered in Google.

Although Google never intended it to turn out like this, developers reverse engineered Google’s auto complete to use it in their own ways. With this autocomplete API, people from all kinds of different fields created innovative ways of utilizing this information, one of which ways is to address underlying issues with keywords.


What are Google’s intentions here?

Google’ had the opportunity to shut down the unofficial uses of their API, but decided against it for quite some time. Google stated that they were actually impressed by the innovative nature of what they were doing and said, that multiple times have come to light wherein the developers are reverse-engineering Google service via an unpublished API. So, they let things go for a while.

For what it is worth, Google said the following about why they decided to finally put a stop to this.

And thus, the unofficial autocomplete API usage comes to an abrupt end. However, Google says that you can always purchase their Customer Search Engine offering or try the free version of their solutions to gain this autocomplete API functionality back.

Of course, no one knows for sure if Google is really doing this for all the reasons they stated in their announcement. Much speculation can be made but at the end of the day, only the time will tell.


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