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13 Must Read Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners to Get Success & Outrank Your Competitors on Google

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13 Must Read Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners to Get Success & Outrank Your Competitors on Google

There are plenty of pros when it comes to owning a small business, but there are always things to be mindful of. Especially when it comes to building a clientele. Old ways of advertising such as being listed in the ads of newspapers and magazines are not always going to be effective in this day and age. This is why you want to harness the power of online marketing which heavily involves search optimization or SEO in addition to other forms of marketing.

However, SEO is a very important method of marketing your business and the local SEO services will make sure that your marketing needs are met in every way and form. Listed below are 13 SEO tips for small businesses to outrank their competitors on Google that every business owner must read:

1. Google My Business Matters

Business owners may not be aware of Google My Business feature. However, it is a must-have as it will help with keeping the business rankings very high. Think of it is as a place where the business features such as the address, hours of operation, and website are in its own file on Google. It will show up as soon as someone does a keyword search for anything that is relevant to what you offer. And those who are searching will immediately find your business information immediately. It is essential to keep the listing updated in order to keep it relevant or else you as the business owner will miss out.

2. Keywords Matter

There are keywords that are general and there are keywords that are relevant to your company by location. You will want those in your local area to find your business information as to why you need to add your keywords that are relevant to your business in addition to the location you are in. For instance, we are an SEO agency in Dallas. Since we are targeting those who live in Dallas, we are targeting the keyphrase local SEO Dallas or local SEO services Dallas. By doing that will target the location you want.

3. Meta Tags and Descriptions Cannot Be Forgotten

If you don’t know HTML coding, that is okay. You can easily put snippets of the keyword and a short description of what your business offers to your website. When you see an area to add meta tags and descriptions on your website, be sure to add the most relevant keywords in addition to a short description of your business in the designated area.

4. Schema Is Important

Are you unsure of what the schema markup is? It is the same thing as the Structured Data Markup tool. This will give the necessary web info out in addition to its important content that is embedded. This means if your business has any important offers to list, the schema markup will make it show up in the search engines right away.

5. Think Links

You need important inbound links to help your SEO efforts out greatly, but the types of links matter. links through vendors, guest posts, distributors, links that are relevant to your industry and through business associations will give you plenty of authority which will help your rankings.

6. Create A Strong Social Media Presence

When you are setting up your website, be sure to make sure you have an active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence. Having a bold social media presence will increase your SEO rankings and stay consistent with it. Engage with your fans and followers, and create engaging content daily but no more than every 4 hours. That will only annoy your fans which you will not want to do.

7. Get Reviews Online

If you believed that online reviews were not important, that is wrong. You will want to have reviews on Google and Facebook. As long as you deliver good quality service, you will get good reviews which will help your SEO efforts. If you get a bad one that is not warranted, you can always have it reported.

8. Make Sure Your Webpage Is Mobile Friendly

Websites that are not mobile-friendly will lose their rankings in Google SERPs. Even though making the site mobile-friendly itself will not have an effect, making the site mobile-friendly will increase the site’s speed. A site that loads up too slowly will end up losing rankings because it will lose traffic.

9. The Location Is Critical

It has already been discussed how it is important to add the keyword that is relevant to the location. That means you need to add the location to your pages in order to rank higher. If your business has different locations, then you need to create different pages on one website that are meant for each location. For instance, if you are a dentist and you serve different cities in the Houston area, then you need to create a page for each city through your website relevant to each location.

10. Utilize Google Maps

Your local SEO will be boosted even more if you take advantage of the Google Maps feature. All you need to do is open it up. Then add the business address and link it. It is simple to do and it will help customers find your business.

11. Make Sure Your Entire Website Is Optimized

If you leave out any important content at all such as your services page, about page, a blog page, a contact page, then you will be missing out. Those pages are very important to be filled out so it can help increase your rankings on Google.

12. Create Regular Up to Date Content

In order for your site to remain high up in Google’s SERPs, it is critical to make sure there is fresh content updated often. That is why you need to have new blog posts that will come in at least once a week to keep your site’s rankings up to date. And it is important to use relevant keywords in your blog posts as well.

13. Where The Domain Is Registered Is Important

The best thing to do in order to help rankings as well as to register the domain of the website with the business address. That is because if the business is listed in the Maps, that is the address to use to register your domain for your business. That will only keep rankings high up.

By following these 13 important local SEO tips, you will keep your business SERP rankings high up. Be consistent with updating content, and be sure again that your website is completely optimized. The local SEO services can help you optimize your website perfectly so you will be found immediately on search engines.

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