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5 Growth Hacking Digital Marketing Plan Every Law Firm Should Know

By Pradeep
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5 Growth Hacking Digital Marketing Plan Every Law Firm Should Know

The need for law firms to have online visibility is more than ever before. They have several competitors and the need to stand out is one that is dire. As a result, the law firm might hire a digital marketing firm, but SEO for law firms alone is not enough. There is a need for a comprehensive, customized and well-researched digital marketing strategy for the law firm. As SEO or digital marketing is not a priority for law firms, they tend to pick SEO firm that offers the cheapest SEO services for legal industry. You need law firm SEO expert who can get you top rankings on search engines and apply relevant digital marketing tactics to build a reputable and trustworthy brand.

With so many changes in the algorithms, it is difficult to keep law firms on top of SERPs. Have you considered tweaking your digital marketing strategy as per the 2019 trends? There are several factors that the SEO expert for law firms will have to juggle, in 2019, if they wish the law firm to be on top of the game to make it visible, top-ranking and sought-after.

How can you be in top of the game?

There are some amazing things that your SEO expert can do to get your law practice visibility, boost website traffic and get more conversions. But the competitive business environment makes it mandatory for every legal firm to adopt more than just a SEO strategy. Social Media, local search, paid search, blogging, building backlinks and creating citations, the complete digital marketing strategy 2019 can be so much more.

I think there are these 5 things that you can undertake to climb the SERPs and attract new legal cases.

  1. Get online reviews and add creditability to your legal brand

Your online customers are influenced with online reviews (especially in the legal domain). Your online reputation can make or break you so it’s important to reach out to your customers to submit reviews for your legal firm. In the hours of intense need, your customers will search for you online and read your online reviews. Your customers, before reaching out to you for consultation, will search for your legal firm online and they must read good things about your firm.

There are several places that your reviews can show up – your customer’s website, Google profile, your Facebook profile and law-specific websites. Try to get a high rating on Google My Business Listing.

  1. Build a persona of your website

Layout and content are both important when you have a website. 2019 is the year wherein you need to focus on cyclical and persona-based model that makes the website easy to navigate and use. The persona of your website will include user-friendly and interactive layout with content that offers thought leadership (with the help of blogs) and addresses your customer challenges. Ensure that you include CTAs in your blogs. Ensure that you tell your brand story with your content.

The main responsibility for any lawyer is to provide advice. Hence, your blog posts and website must have a tone that is advisory. It must serve as a useful resource that gives a direction to your customers (ensure that you include a disclaimer on your website that the legal advice must not be considered as each situation and case is different). Set a blog frequency and update your website content regularly.

If one of your associates receives an association or recognition, ensure that you update the accolades on your website.

  1. Don’t ignore local search

Isn’t it your dream to be on the top of search results when your customers search for your legal practice? But what is the point if you don’t have the relevant spot for target audience that matters. Trends show that people prefer a legal firm that is closer to where they live. You need to ensure that you have a localized search strategy updated for 2019. Google My Business will show your names, addresses, phone numbers and email ids that must be updated and correct. Ensure that your correct Google Maps location and address is pulled up when your potential customers search for “lawyers near me.” Read the complete post to know everything you wanted to know about local SEO in our blog post ‘5 local SEO best practices that can skyrocket walk-ins for your law practice.’

The other way to target your potential customers is with the help of PPC ads and remarketing.

  1. Optimize your website

Search engine algorithms change constantly. You must be updated with the search strategy as per the changing search engine dynamics. You don’t want a super slow website that looks terrible on a mobile device or tablet. Besides being user-friendly and well-designed, you need to optimize your content as per search engine optimization (SEO) standards. Ensure that your website is responsive for multiple devices. Improve server response time, reduce the size of images, compress file size and make your website load fast. Ensure that your images have tags and descriptions, online forms must be accessible with the help of voice commands and documents must be available in text format.

  1. Don’t let language be a hurdle

Your legal practice can get international customers. When you consider a particular region, you ensure that you consider reginal nuances and take linguistic norms that are applicable to that particular region. There are tools that are available that helps you to translate your entire website in different dialects and foreign languages. If a person outside US required legal advice, your website must be able to communicate in their language and cater to their requirements.


Your website is your greatest asset. If you need to bring leads and showcase your capabilities on your website, you will need to communicate it with your website. Not only you will need to build a strong SEO ground but also build a complete digital marketing strategy for your legal firm. If you need a digital marketing expert to help you have a strong online presence, you can speak to us.

Law Firm Practice Areas For Which We Provide Legal Marketing Services in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex:

  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Business Law
  • Business Litigation
  • Child Custody Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Divorce Law
  • DUI/DWI Law
  • Estate Planning Law
  • Family Law
  • General Practice Law
  • Healthcare Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Landlord and Tenant Law
  • Libel, Slander and Defamation
  • Medical Malpractice Law
  • Medicare and Medicaid Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Social Security Disability
  • Wills and Probate
  • Workers Compensation Law

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