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5 Signs Your Law Firm Needs a New SEO Agency For Your Brand’s Online Success

By Guest Blogger
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5 Signs Your Law Firm Needs a New SEO Agency For Your Brand’s Online Success

Before discussing the importance of an SEO Agency, it is necessary to understand what an SEO agency does. Search engine optimization is the technique to propel an organization to the top of a page in a web search, which in turn attracts targeted traffic and gives a competitive position to that company. In a world where technological advances have become an integral part of our lives, it makes a lot more sense to concentrate a fair share of resources in customer acquisition with the help of such digital marketing techniques. 

As digital marketing is becoming increasingly necessary for every company looking to target their clients online, so as the courses in this field such as MSc. in Marketing that provides the necessary gear to students who aspire to make their career in marketing.

Digital Agency for Lawyers
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For a law firm to be acknowledged by people, it needs a strong marketing agency for the services it offers. Here is a list of signs that show your law firm might need a new SEO Agency:-

  • They lack effective content marketing strategies – Since most of the SEO analysis  take place off the website, it is crucial that the articles, blogs, press statements, social media posts should align with the main optimization process. If your current SEO Agency does not fathom the demand to make your firm reputable with the help of propagation of positive customer reviews, it is certainly not doing a good job. According to a Google study, 95% of consumers read business reviews online out of which 85% trust them as much as personal recommendations. The information your law firms shares with the potential or current clients provide a sense of value and authority to the attorneys.
  • They indulge in black-hat SEO – Unethical marketing is always a red flag, the cyber world is prone to piracy, virus inflicted applications or software or websites for that matter. Being one of those who opt for malpractices could cost the firm prodigiously. It could be the case that your SEO make some too good to be true promises, like overnight widening of clientele, magically refining content, guaranteeing success, for which you might fall. The only way in which such extreme scenarios can take place is by indulging in BLACK-HAT SEO tactics. These can be forging or getting duplicate content for the website, purchasing trashy spam links, overuse of affiliate links, exact match domains without valuable content, keyword stuffing, over optimization, comment spam etc. Keep a close watch on the functioning and coding structures of these agencies to prevent such practices from taking place, hiring a new agency and scrapping the current one is a better idea.
  • They have a lot of loose ends in communication – The optimization is a dynamic process, depends on a lot of on-page and off-page factors which can be website security, content relevance, user traffic and intent, optimization of code and structure and many more. This clearly means that there is a rigorous practice involved when it comes to SEO. If an agency lacks an effective communication chain amongst their team members and your team members, the changes which have to be made immediately would not get enough focus and hence would break the process down in between. Along with this, for an SEO agency, it is mandatory to be able to interpret what the surveys and analysis of different search engines say about their website. Imagine a scenario where the agency gives an entirely opposite situation than the actual ratings, you would rely on the results and carry on losing a huge deal of clients and market share as a result. This must be avoided at all costs.
  • They are unable to convert – As your SEO program builds up, there is an apparent rise in the rankings and a direct impact will be on the traffic that comes to the website. If a digital agency is unable to produce results in terms of optimization and conversion, they are lagging behind in scrutinizing all the factors responsible for the same. A reputed and experienced partner, on the other hand, would have tried and tested mechanisms which they have been proven to be beneficial for other websites they have handled in the past. 75% of the users never scroll past the first page and search results. This is something which is very obvious to imagine as any user who wishes to find the best option for themselves would not want to go beyond the 6th or 7th link unless there is no satisfactory content available on them which is a very rare possibility. Hence it’s not enough to just create and publish lackluster content. As David Meerman-Scott says, “on the web, you are what you publish.” If the current SEO agency could not get your website even on the first page within a projected time it is because they lack the inbound marketing strategies which enable your content to be valuable and hence attract more audience.
  • They do not have refined methods for web designs and backlinking – Traditional marketing methods have limitations which can be overruled in the digital world but it also calls for more strategizing and targeted efforts to achieve the required results. In SEO it is not only important to enhance the content quality but also create an interface which is easily accessible and does not ask a lot out of the user. A very important example of increasing the same is by backlinking. If your current SEO providers do not incorporate relevant links whenever possible they are doing something wrong. Search engines link the post with the uploaded links as well. External links which maximize domain authority could be extremely powerful from an SEO standpoint. Internal links also add to the rewards your website might receive. To understand the client and search engine dynamics and algorithms is the job of an SEO agency and if they fail to do the same, they should be replaced.

Conclusion: –  To avoid all the above-mentioned glitches and to widen your client base, SEO agencies could pave the way to success. Law firm SEO Dallas has a holistic SEO strategy which helps them maintain a respectable position and a strong market share as well.

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