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What is it Really That an SEO Agency Can Do For Your Business Growth? – Digital Marketing Pro Edition

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What is it Really That an SEO Agency Can Do For Your Business Growth? – Digital Marketing Pro Edition

When we work for a digital marketing company, SEO seems to be imperative. But when I speak to my clients and prospects, who are small and mid-sized business owners, they have a common question and concern – What does an SEO company do? Why do I need SEO?

Most of the business owners think that they can do without SEO or it’s something that they can manage on their own. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to enhance the search engine ranking of a web page so that its online visibility increases. There are two ways to achieve that. If you work with a trusted, reliable and experienced digital marketing agency, they will use a lot of data, research and analysis to get high rankings on search engines. The shoddy SEO digital marketing agency will work on spurious methods to get you rankings for a short-term but something that can cause you a long-term damage.

Let me encapsulate the advantages of SEO services (of course if done the right way). It will answer the question ‘Why do I need SEO services?’

  • Increased rankings lead to increase traffic
  • Healthier sales pipeline
  • Increased brand awareness and trust
  • Enhanced exposure

To answer the two basic questions, here goes.

What does an Search Engine Optimization Agency do?

SEO companies work closely with their clients to increase the search engine rankings and online visibility. When a company works on your SEO strategy, it implies that they will make changes to your website design, content, architecture and other aspects to ensure that your visitors remain engaged on your website. If your website is optimized, it will result in first page results on search engines like Google for your business relevant keywords and key phrases.

The SEO company will work on the various facets that will boost your organic traffic for search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google. The SEO experts typically start with auditing your website, researching your competitors, developing a customized SEO strategy for your business and implementing all the SEO tactics required for your business to reach its goals to enhance online business.

If you work with a reliable SEO company, they will give you a complete report and analytics of ROI from your SEO investment. They will help you meet all the goals that you might have defined at the beginning of starting your SEO project. The SEO team of experts will use the latest tools and methodologies to keep your website searchable even in case of algorithm changes, like the ones that happen with Google. Higher rankings lead to improved quality of traffic and better leads that have a higher likelihood of converting.

Unlike the traditional marketing methods, SEO provides measurable and trackable results. It is easy for you to understand how SEO services provide value to your business. You can track the growth in traffic in terms of traffic volume, source that it is coming from, exit points and pages on your website that offer the highest engagement. SEO companies perform the following tasks that can only be undertaken by a SEO expert, which is why you yourself cannot perform SEO.

  1. Evaluation of your business and website

The first step, and the most critical one, is to undertake an Technical SEO audit. The SEO experts will evaluate your website and understand your business. They will inspect aspects of your website like the website architecture, content and keyword density. The team also performs a thorough competitive analysis to understand how your competitors are faring and where do they stand in terms of their search engine efforts.

The SEO company will also spend a lot of time to understand your target audience and create a buyer persona so that they are able to draw the right kind of visitors to your website rather than targeting in general. Once they understand your target audience, they can better customize the SEO tactics that can help you bring in the desired visitors.

The SEO company will ensure that you have a secure website (if needed), if you have a mobile-friendly website, speed of your website, quality and length of your content, presence of social signals that direct to your website, quality backlinks and check if your images are optimized.

  1. Develop the right SEO goals and strategy

Once the team understands your business and website, they can develop a detailed SEO strategy for you and discuss the SEO goals with you. Their efforts must be directed towards what you’re trying to achieve with your website and online presence. Their strategy will also include a way to rank you higher than your competitors. It will consist of the complete list of keywords that your target audience are searching for.

They will give you a list of SEO tools that can be helpful to implement and execute your SEO strategy. They will provide an access to a dashboard to monitor your SEO campaigns. It will help you understand where you stand in the SEO campaign.

  1. Execute optimization for you

The SEO team will provide a customized SEO plan and will work accordingly. They will use on-page optimization techniques, which might include cleaning up the backend code of your website, ensuring that you have a mobile-friendly website, and you have an easy navigation. The team will also optimize your content to include the keywords that will help you get a ranking.

The SEO team will also look at the off-page optimization tactics that includes link building and posting guest posts to be perceived as a thought leader in your domain. The SEO company will work on a detailed plan for your off-page activities.

  1. Ongoing SEO activities

SEO is not a one-time activity. Google is constantly evaluating their algorithm to ensure that it is useful for users. If you work with an experienced SEO company, they will always be on top of the game with the updates and changes to ensure that you don’t lose your rankings.

Don’t opt for an SEO agency that promises you the following:

  • Overnight improvement in rankings
  • Instant traffic and leads
  • High number of backlinks
  • Inflated ROI projections

How do I assess the SEO services provider?

  • Check their experience
  • Check client references
  • Assess their work methodology and practices
  • Inquire about their SEO team
  • Get a clarity on all aspects of SEO that they will support
  • Ensure that they perform the project in-house without using an external agency

Boost your online brand presence and visibility with the right SEO agency

If you think you need help with your SEO strategy and implementation, you can speak to the Digital Success SEO experts. We have worked with clients across the globe to provide results that really make an impact to your bottom line. Call us today.

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