50 Most Popular Small Business Marketing Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year

By Pradeep
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Small business owners often overlook the importance of marketing their products or services right, this hinders their growth and affects their potential customer base.

If you are a marketing agency looking to offer your online marketing services to small business owners but are looking for the most efficient way to do so, you are at the right place.

You must be aware that optimizing your website to reach more and more prospects through top spots on Google search results has become necessary (and competitive at the same time), with more and more businesses competing for the SERP real-estate.

There are numerous factors that come into play when you try to rank in top spots on search engines like Google, and most small businesses do not have the resources to cover all the facets of online marketing like – website maintenance, citations, quality content creation, media, handling business profiles and keeping them up to date. And that is when marketing agencies like yours come into play.

In this post, we intend to discuss keyword selection part of a successful marketing campaign and help you by providing curated ideas for “small business” related keywords you can use for your own marketing agency website.

How to Select the best keywords for your small business marketing company?

Keyword selection for a small business marketing company with limited search presence would differ from an organization that has a huge online presence. We would like to avoid wasting time and energy on a keyword that has the limited potential of getting us prospects.

Start with Long Tail (more specific) Keywords

We recommend small business marketing agencies start by focusing on longer tail, lower volume/competition keywords and target high volume keywords as their authority in the niche grows.

High volume keywords are usually very competitive and would take a lot of time and resources to rank for.

Focus on a Keyword’s Intent

If you understand a keyword’s intent, you are almost certain to succeed when you market using those keywords.

By understanding what the small business owner intends to do/find when they search for a keyword/phrase, you can choose to tailor your content to their specific needs, providing them with the most accurate information (or service in your case), and bring in more interested audience to your website. This type of traffic is more likely to convert. Based on this knowledge, select the keywords that you think would best serve your company’s interest.

Without waiting any longer, let us dive right into the top 50 small business marketing keywords in the United States:


KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search Results)
small business marketing5400Low1740000000
marketing strategies for small businesses1600Low161000000
small business advertising1600Medium1740000000 
small business marketing companies1300Medium1060000000 
marketing plans for small businesses1000Low151000000 
social media marketing for small business880Low774000000
digital marketing for small business720Low821000000 
email marketing for small businesses720Low931000000
small business marketing agency720Low373000000
digital marketing agency for small businesses590Low436000000 
marketing firms for small business480Low183000000 
online marketing for small business480Low1330000000
small business marketing consultant480Low171000000 
small business marketing services480Low1150000000
smb marketing480Low14300000 
content marketing for small businesses390Low408000000
digital marketing services for small business260Medium589000000 
small business internet marketing260Low611000000 
small business video marketing210Low738000000 
local small business marketing170Low671000000 
small business advertising agency170Low341000000 
online marketing services for small businesses140Low1890000000 
small business marketing solutions140Medium570000000
small business seo agency140Low38400000 
seo marketing for small business110Low55400000 
digital marketing company for small business90Low553000000 
online marketing companies for small business90Low1240000000
small business internet marketing services90Low1320000000 
digital agency for small businesses70Low710000000 
email marketing services for small business70Low773000000
internet marketing services for small businesses70Low723000000 
small business search engine marketing70Low127000000
smb advertising70Medium10600000 
affordable small business marketing50Medium114000000 
marketing campaign for small business50Medium168000000 
small business mobile marketing50Low700000000 
digital marketing companies for small business40Low1270000000 
digital marketing consultant for small business40Low112000000 
digital marketing for small business owners40Low395000000 
digital marketing solutions for small businesses40Low564000000 
small business digital marketing consultant40Low567000000 
smb digital marketing40Medium6760000 
marketing for small business owners30Medium530000000 
marketing for small companies30Medium1140000000
programmatic advertising for small business30Low29900000 
small business digital marketing services30Low690000000 
small business online marketing consultant30Low1280000000 
guerilla marketing for small business20Medium19100000 
internet marketing for small business owners20Low411000000 
content marketing agency for small business10Low439000000 

Don’t forget to bookmark this list of small business marketing keywords if you intend to use it later.

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