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9 Bad Digital Marketing Tactics & Habits to Leave for Your Business Growth in 2019

By Pradeep
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9 Bad Digital Marketing Tactics & Habits to Leave for Your Business Growth in 2019

The end to 2019 is not just the end of a year but a decade is about to come to a close. And there have been many changes over the past decade that have happened in the marketing world. That only means that more transformations are going to happen now that not only that we move to a new year but to a new decade.

That means the last thing you will want to do is bring any rogue, unhelpful, and even harmful marketing tactics into the new year and into the new decade. And if you are not sure which online marketing practices are no longer acceptable, then you can always count on the top digital marketing agency to guide you along. Now let’s find out 9 of the digital and marketing that are not helpful and even harmful to leave behind in 2019:

1. Data Consumer Collection That Are Aggressive

The fact of the matter is as time has progressed during the 2010s, the one thing that has been happening more and more is the aggressive data consumer collection tactics. And this makes consumers very uneasy because it is an invasion of their privacy. They know this by receiving a lot of spam which makes consumers not wanting to subscribe to more lists.

It is best to keep in mind whenever you are asking consumers to sign up to your list, you will want to be careful. If you are constantly asking consumers for their private information upon signing up, this can be detrimental to your business. This only means that email marketing campaigns in the 2020’s need to be tweaked heavily so this issue is left behind.

2. Stop Believing That Rates of Conversion Are Predictable

It is a mistake to believe that all rates of conversion are going to be predictable or that they have a one-size-fits-all rule. Business owners may have frequently been told that they should never expect than a higher than 2 percent conversion rate, and that is false information.

Conversion rates will vary and it will depend on many things such as the price of the product or service, the reputation of the business, and the quality of the campaign in general.

3. Dirty Campaign Data Is a Problem

You know the saying that appearances are deceiving or things don’t seem as they are. This rings true for many data campaigns. You could appear to have a campaign that is successful and the fact of the matter is that most clicks that are tracked come from bots in faraway places around the world. It is better to have a data campaign that shows a lot fewer clicks but are real organic ones than a dirty one. Quality really is more important than quantity in many cases.

4. There Is No Solution to The Product or Service You Are Selling

If you are selling a product or service that does not show people what they can gain from it, or how it will help them, then you are guaranteed to fail. The one thing you must always remember when you are advertising a product or service is to make it crystal clear how it will help consumers so they are motivated to take action and make that purchase. If you are unsure of how to do it, then the pros at the Dallas paid search agency will guide you.

5. Failing to Identify Main Goals Before Launching a Campaign

It is important to make some goals and to stick to them with your business, and create a campaign that is built well, and to be prepared to make changes along the way. Don’t look at the analytics report right away only to look for the positive results and to turn your thumbs down at the bad ones. That is not helpful and will only hurt your campaign in the long run. Know your goals before you launch anything, and then be prepared to tweak along the way as it evolves.

6. Asking The Client for Their Logins

The worst thing that any marketing agency can do is ask their clients for their logins to take over their platforms. That is a big no-no that cannot happen anymore. These agencies say they are paid to handle the platforms but what ends up happening if there is a falling out between the client and the agency? That can be quite dangerous.

However, when you are looking to have your marketing campaigns run by agencies, be sure to do thorough background checks on them before committing to their services. That means to get names of references. These agencies need to give you reasons to trust them before making any type of commitments, which is what they need to do in the new year and in the new decade.

7. Outdated Case Studies Will Never Get Far

When it comes to presenting marketing case studies, never use any that are old, and never trust an agency that presents you case studies from 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago. It needs to be within the last year for it to be any good. The elite digital marketing agency in Dallas will always present case studies that are very recent and this is something that any reputable agency would do.

8. Making False Promises

Any SEO or marketing agency that promises you that you will end up with having #1 rankings within a quick timeframe is not a reputable agency at all. It takes a lot of time and tweaking to rank high on search engines and any reputable agency will make that clear. If they by chance do get something ranked quickly and want to show the client, then it may be a keyword that is not searched often. In that case, what good will that do the client?

Clients look for marketing agencies that will really help them increase their visibility which means ranking heavily searched keywords high up on search engines. That will take time!

9. Content Is Not Engaging

This is not a new tactic that needs to be brought in. Companies have been told to share engaging content in order to gain traffic on their platforms. However, since competition is high in almost every niche, it is critical that the content that is shared is engaging and interesting which makes you stand out in a good way. Sharing content that is not unique or not interesting is a tactic that should have really disappeared last year.

These 9 bad tactics must go and many of them really should have disappeared before 2019. However, now is the time to get serious about getting rid of the old and implementing the new. And the Dallas paid search agency will be there to help you every step of the way to do that.

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