9 Definitive SEO Strategies to Boost Your Online Presence and Beat Your Competitors in 2020

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9 Definitive SEO Strategies to Boost Your Online Presence and Beat Your Competitors in 2020


As the number of individuals who are getting to know more about the huge potentials of search engine optimization and its benefits increases, the playing field is going to become saturated.

This ultimately means that for you, it can no longer be business as usual and you would have to adopt and apply new definitive search engine optimization strategies to stand out from the crowd. For you to achieve a maximum level of success on all your digital marketing efforts, you need to stay up to date and well informed on new methods that actually yield results and phase out old techniques that are not as efficient anymore.

To ensure that your SEO efforts yield results and foster growth, then you need to investigate and incorporate certain effective strategies that can help you to retain the top spot and beat your competition. Here are the top nine search engine optimization strategies that will prove to be of immense value to your digital marketing campaign in the year 2020.

1. Generate and optimize high-quality content

Content has always been and will always be at the forefront of search engine optimization. You should bear in mind that because content plays such a crucial role and is at the core of the entire process, you need to channel a significant amount of time and effort into writing content that is valuable, relevant and contains reliable information.

If you do not have experience in writing and optimizing high-quality content, then it will be a great investment for you to hire experts who can.

So if you want to beat your competition, you need to focus on making sure that you remain consistent with publishing comprehensive content that satisfies the needs of readers, as opposed to obsessing with mediocre content that is more concerned about keyword placement than quality. Over time, only the best content will secure and retain the top spot.

2. Focus on E-A-T

Google’s recent revelation in its quality rater guidelines, made emphasis a considerable number of times on E.A.T- which is an acronym for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

One of the major reasons behind the revelation by Google that E.A.T was going to play an important role in rankings was basically to ensure that web users are given first-level access only to those websites that publish original content written by experts on specific topics or established authorities in their respective field. Certain websites and blogs that focus on a specific industry such as health & wellness, finance, legal matters etc. need to really take this update seriously because every single content they publish must be based on facts, actual knowledge and understanding of the related topics and not otherwise.

Satisfying this E.A.T update by establishing your own expertise, working with trusted sources, and developing useful content that is helpful to the end-user, will improve your standing during Google’s evaluation of your website. This results in a trickle-down positive effect that can help your SEO efforts, make you more credible, generate more conversions, leads and revenue.

3. Improve overall user experience

Another important SEO strategy you should concentrate on is to improve the overall experience of web users right from when they access your website up until their departure.

This is because, even if you ace other strategies, but web users have a difficult time, navigating or browsing through your webpages, it can basically negate all other efforts you must have adopted. You should focus on not only providing value but also ensuring that users time visiting your website remains pleasurable and satisfactory.

To accomplish this feat, you need to work on your sites technical aspect by taking appropriate measures to increase site & page speed, utilize visible icons along with customer support or live chat feature for users to reach out.

4. Pay attention to visual search

Visual search is showing a lot of great promise in its potential to become a game-changer in SEO and this is because web users are drawn in by high quality and attractive images. Although visual search technology is still in its early stages, it has proven its ability to help improve user experience on the web as they are provided with precise and accurate results when they carry out a search using an image.

An easy way for you to understand what is being described is to see it. This is one of the reasons that consumers are using visual searches for shopping, translation, identifying landmarks, directions, recipes and so much more.

If you want your content to appear as Google visual search result, then you have to optimize your images for SEO by writing descriptive file names, utilizing the alternative text field, using original images and other essential image optimization techniques.

5. Create video content

While words can be used to pass on a message, videos are much easier to understand. Additionally, web users love and appreciate videos that are interesting and also engaging.

In 2020, taking advantage of the huge surge in the popularity of multimedia is going to prove valuable to your SEO campaign. This claim is supported by an Annual Internet report by Cisco which indicated that by 2021, online videos will account for 82% of consumer Internet traffic. With this mind-blowing revelation, it is essential that you start creating videos of your written content to serve users who may prefer watching to reading or a little bit of both. With tones of searches taking place on YouTube, you can also take advantage of this platform by creating, optimizing and publishing your video content specifically for YouTube.

A great boost to your utilization of videos is when it ends up on Google’s video featured snippets when a web user makes an online search. To make it to this video featured snippets, you need to optimize your video properly (using the right title, descriptions, and tags), organize video into clear sections and upload a detailed transcript. All of these steps can help to improve your SEO efforts.

 6. Keyword research and optimization

Keyword research and optimization is another SEO strategy that is not going to go out of style in 2020. This is because carrying out in-depth keyword research and optimizing it into your content is crucial for your visibility to search engines.

There are several high-quality keyword tools and software available one, that can help you to identify and obtain high ranking keywords. These tools are typically designed with innovative settings that can help provide the best performing keywords either on a local or global scale.

Alternative options for carrying out keyword research could be from Google’s search console or your competitors. Once you have gotten the high ranking keywords you need, the next step would be to optimize them using the appropriate techniques.

7. Research your competitors

Having inside information about your competitor metrics is another top strategy you need to adopt.

To achieve this, you can use some tools available online that can help you to assess the key performance indicators of top websites in your niche. Using this software is straightforward and does not require any technical knowledge.

Once you have a detailed report of your competitor’s metrics, you can then use it to your advantage by creating content, providing a superb user experience, optimizing your site, engaging your users among other strategies. Doing this puts you at an advantage because once you know what your competitor is doing, then you can do it better to outrank them.

8. Technical Audit

Regularly examining and evaluating the technical aspects of your website will help you to identify and fix any technical issues (such as broken links, broken redirects, missing meta, schema markup errors, broken images etc.) that may be affecting user experience.

Although you may require some bit of technical knowledge to carry out a technical audit of your website, there are online tools that you can use. These tools can perform assess your website to detect common technical issues for you to fix.

9. Build quality backlinks

SEO in 2020 is still going to be about links and amazing content because both factors play a crucial role in Google’s ranking system. For other SEO strategies to be fully effective, you need to be on the first search engine result page. And this can only happen when you generate amazing content that other top websites link to. Of course, you cannot generate quality links by writing regular content. You should shift your focus to the type of content that is most likely to generate more links, for example, visual aids (images, diagrams, infographics, charts etc.), list posts, original research and comprehensive guides.


The rules of the game with SEO are evolving. To remain relevant and among the winning team, you have to evolve with it, else you will be left behind. Implementing any of the strategies discussed in this article may require some bit of time, energy and resources. But you should bear in mind that if you do not outperform, outdo and outspend your competitors, they will outrank you, acquire your market share of potential clients and put you out of business.

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