ChatGPT 10 Minutes Digital Marketing Guide for Everyone

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ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. According to CNET, ChatGPT reached 100 million users, just 2 months after its launch. So, who’s to say we can’t try it out to line up some slick digital marketing campaigns? There may be a goldmine of untapped potential in marketing and ChatGPT can help us uncover some offbeat hacks to unlock more value from there.

ChatGPT is not only gathering data from crawling the web, but it is able to dissect the data and give you a solution to more complicated answers Neil Patel

The human mind often hits that creative ceiling, and that is when an AI generative tool can step in to think out of the box and pilot our marketing game to the next level. ChatGPT can come in handy to develop social media blueprints, optimize SEO, draft catchier email subject lines, and much more.

So, buckle up, grab a coffee, and let’s dive into the exciting world of ChatGPT digital marketing!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, powered by a Large Language Model (LLM), is a generative AI chatbot launched in November 2022 and developed by the San Francisco-based OpenAI. It is built on top of the OpenAI GPT-3 (3.5) family of LLM, based on the Transformer architecture, capable of generating human-like responses based on the input (entered prompts) it receives dynamically.

As long as you ask reasonable and rational questions, the model responds in a similar manner Johannes C. Scholtes

ChatGPT’s deep learning is trained to scan a large corpus of internet data, detect patterns, and collect info to generate immediate responses, translate, write stories & code, summarize texts, and much more. ChatGPT’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) ability makes it a game changer for anyone seeking help. Microsoft even infused ChatGPT into their search engine Bing.

ChatGPT 4, the successor, trained on more data points, is also out. The founder, Sam Altman, said, “It is more creative than previous models, it hallucinates significantly less, and it is less biased.”

What are ChatGPT’s Limitations?

  • ChatGPT has difficulty providing contextually relevant answers
  • Struggles with creating long-form, structured content
  • May occasionally produce harmful instructions
  • Struggles to fact-check content; leading to inaccurate content
  • Despite the large dataset, ChatGPT is biased in some areas
  • Incapable of answering questions on niche topics
  • Relies on an outdated dataset, limited to 2021.
  • Provides unnatural and robotic responses (too formal), devoid of human emotions
  • ChatGPT can overuse some phrases and be verbose
  • Doesn’t clarify user prompts. Guestimates intent even to ambiguous queries

What are the key features of ChatGPT in digital marketing?

  • It will automate some low-level wasteful activities
  • It will bring more agility and efficiency into daily tasks
  • ChatGPT improves the efficacy and relevance of marketing initiatives
  • Adds more zing to your campaigns with hard-hitting, memorable, and creative ideas
  • Develop personalized campaigns in sync with your audience’s KPIs
  • The conversational and simplistic style makes it useful for anyone on your team

How ChatGPT will change Digital Marketing?

ChatGPT will simplify and streamline your mundane marketing activities. It will reduce manpower and invested hours – your employees won’t have to slog it out in the interim stages with samples and new ideas.

ChatGPT’S vernacular ability helps to draft and outline human-like content. Use what it produces as a stepping stone (reference) and expand it further or get it to regenerate a variant. It’s also useful for tasks that need more immediacy, just type your queries, and it’ll populate the results immediately.

The system seems likely to widen the pool of people able to tap into AI language tools – Jacob Andreas, Assistant Professor (MIT) – Wired

Use the dialogue format of ChatGPT to brainstorm, structure, generate, refine, assist, lead, customize activities, challenge incorrect premises, and get more creative with your digital marketing campaigns. It’ll bring more efficiency and optimize your marketing costs.

Is ChatGPT the future of Digital marketing?

ChatGPT’s ability to simplify, scale, and speed up marketing endeavors means it can transform your digital marketing. ChatGPT is the perfect add-on to get more out of your marketing team’s efforts. From nurturing leads to preparing insightful content from the ground up, simplifying SEO, and performing A/B Tests, ChatGPT is your ally to push your marketing game.

ChatGPT can outperform humans in managing demanding roles, produce more output, stay consistent, stick to your pre-set guidelines, learn & analyze datasets, work tirelessly, cost nothing (for now), and run 24/7. Even Bill Gates said, “ChatGPT will make many office jobs more efficient by helping to write invoices or letters. This will change our world.”

Simply put, ChatGPT holds enormous potential to catalyze and unlock more value from your invested time, and due to that, it is all set to play an indispensable role in the next wave of digital marketing.

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5 areas in which ChatGPT can take digital marketing to the next level?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You could write meta tags, come up with enticing H1 headings, conduct keyword research (LSI, short-tail, and long-tail), build keyword clusters, perform a basic on-page SEO analysis, generate ALT text for images, and prepare content for featured snippets. Furthermore, prepare SEO-optimized descriptions, find niche-specific competitor websites, generate FAQ Schema Markup, and generate hreflang tags, robots.txt rules, & Static XML Sitemap. Here are a few screenshots of what you can accomplish.

Website and Third-Party Content: ChatGPT can prepare concise short-form content, write image captions, prepare video content, translate content, and condense content for summaries. Furthermore, perform hygiene checks on already prepared content, generate multiple versions & combine them, develop product descriptions, prepare taglines, create a framework for a topic, and suggest suitable responses for 3rd party portals such as Yelp, Glassdoor, and so on. Some content-related uses of ChatGPT are given below:

Pay-per-click (PPC): ChatGPT helps to prepare high-performing ad copy content and fill up content for the multiple sections on your landing pages. It’s even capable of figuring out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), answering these questions, writing catchy CTAs, preparing one-liners, sub-headings, and more. Here are a few screenshots of what you can accomplish:

Email: ChatGPT can prepare email campaign content, catchy subject lines, word-restricted newsletter content, personalized content as per your target audience, and LinkedIn InMail content. It can even cook up repetitive template responses for customer service-related inquiries to assist your customer support team, highlight imperatives, and avoid spammy words. Some email-related uses are given below:

Social Media: ChatGPT helps to prepare social media descriptions, content calendars, captions, and find relevant hashtags. ChatGPT even helps to create responses, locate niche-specific influencers, generate new ideas, generate multi-lingual content, create platform-specific content, create a poll, introduce a team member, suggest new competition ideas, and more. Here are some examples of what you can accomplish.


Digital Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Traditional marketing drills that stick to the tried and tested hacks don’t impress your audience, resulting in measly returns. You want a mind that can up your marketing chops to unlock more value. This is where ChatGPT comes in to improve your marketing game by leaps and bounds. To take strides in your marketing drive with ChatGPT, connect with the best SEO Agency, Digital Success. We’ll help leverage ChatGPT intelligently to propel your campaign into another dimension of growth, excellence, and higher profits.

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