Content Marketing or Native Advertising – Which Works Better for Improving Brand Awareness & Recognition?

By Aron Allen
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In a recent blog published on HBR, there is an interesting comparison between returns from Content Marketing and Native Marketing. Before getting into the details of this comparison, I wanted that we really understand Content Marketing and Native Marketing in the true sense. By definition, Content Marketing is an approach to create and distribute relevant and consistent content to attract and retain target customers. The desired result of the Content Marketing Strategy is to drive profitable transactions. Native Marketing is a practice wherein you create content with the purpose of building trust for your brand and engaging with potential customers. The purpose of it is to enhance brand awareness. There are top-tier publishers (with their own set of unique visitors) who can help you with article publishing and will be called your publishing partner.



Since the purpose of Content Marketing and Native Advertising are so different, it is difficult to say that one is more important than the other. The metrics that can help you measure the success of the two are also very different. While a Content Marketing initiative will be measured on the basis of the number of leads, high-quality links and total social shares, the way you will measure if Native Advertising is working is through campaign views, site traffic and the level of social engagement.

Content Marketing is effective for all kinds of companies. Native Advertising works best for companies who need to focus on their brand building. They feel people tend to ignore their display ads and hence need to reach them through popular publications with sponsored content.

The one common thing, which both Content Marketing and Native Advertising need to have is high-quality content. Relevant, informative, engaging and useful are all aspects that the content should be able to address.



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