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By Kate John
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Something Missing in Your 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy?

So you have been executing all that was planned as per the 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy, which was developed so meticulously. But the results have not been as planned. It includes all the parameters that should work in the given scenario but what could be the missing piece that’s  pulling the expected results down?

You may find your answer here.

Are you thinking mobile?

Mobile should form the key focus area of your plan and moving towards mobile-friendliness should be your topmost priority. Global trends indicate an increase in smartphone transactions, a number that is closely followed by tablets. So you have to build an online presence that is mobile-friendly. People are more likely to stay on a mobile friendly website that offers greater responsiveness and engagement. Additionally, mobile campaigns (that are carried out through SMSs) are driving a lot of traffic for marketers who chose to focus on mobile marketing right from the beginning. Some of the favorite mobile campaigns are built around promoting exclusive deals, freebies, attractive offers and announcement of loyalty programs.

Social media focus?

The other focus area that you might have already included in your plan is social media marketing. One of the key elements missing in a social media campaign is a channel-wise focus. You can’t be focusing on all the channels with the same priority. The focus changes with the nature of your business. Each of the social media channel has a unique characteristic and gives access to different kinds of followership. You need to link each channel to the needs of your business and set a priority for all the channels. Another trend that you absolutely can’t ignore is Social Media Advertising. Trends show that advertising on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks is an increasingly popular advertising tool.

The success of a Digital Marketing Strategy depends on its ROI so you also must build the required metrics around measuring success of your mobile and social media campaigns to gauge the performance of each.

Get your mobile website to drive your sales

While the Google Mobile update known as Mobilegeddon has gradually but surely shown its impact, you are wondering about the next step. You may have a mobile-friendly website that is able to garner a decent search engine ranking but is it driving your sales? What do you need to know to up your sales with your mobile website? With the number of mobile users expected to touch almost 5.3 billion by 2017, can you ignore what it takes to get your mobile website noticed?

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So here some of the key areas that you need to focus on:

Keep consistent branding

You can’t have a mobile website that looks drastically different from your desktop website. While making a mobile website friendly for mobile devices, you have to ensure that the use of logo, colors, navigation, content and imagery is consistent between your mobile and desktop websites. Do not slice your desktop website to fit to the needs of mobile users.  You never know what they are looking for. Google will penalize you if you have two different versions of your website (one for desktop and one of mobile).

Enriching visual experience

Bold and beautiful is the new way. You have to use bold colors and prominent buttons. The aim should be to not have the users zoom the web page to read the content. And if the action buttons are big, there are less chances that a user will skip it. You really have to focus on giving a visually appealing experience to your users. You also have to ensure that the images used on the website are high resolution. This will again improve the visual experience and avoid any risk of having blurred images on your website.

Make it responsive

With the whole world is talking about just mobile friendliness of your website, you probably have focused only on that aspect. It is extremely important to have a responsive website, which means a site that can adjust layout and images according to the device it is being accessed from (like a tablet, iPad or a desktop). A responsive website is one that can detect the device and adjust its layout accordingly.

Keep it simple

Keep your content simple, be clear about your messaging and keep the call to action links and buttons easily viewable and accessible. While each user is different, there are some common behaviors for all users and that requires your website to be intuitive. If a user leaves contact details, you should have a strong follow up mechanism. Statistics show that a lack of a follow up on the leads makes them mistrust your brand/company. Don’t forget the A/B testing for your entire website to ensure that your website offers a seamless and enriched browsing experience to iOS, Android users and web users as well.

Digital Success, the one stop shop for all Digital Marketing Solutions, Gets a Facelift

Welcome to a new look of Digital Success Agency (DSA). Check out our new cool and chic look and don’t miss the video with an introduction to our agency. With enhanced graphics dipped in new colors, we introduce Digital TurnOn, a new all-encompassing digital marketing bundle of services.

What Digital TurnOn offers?

You are a business owner or a Marketing Manager at a firm who is troubled with all the responsibilities of managing digital marketing activities. SEO, Paid Search Campaigns, Remarketing, Social Media, Reputation Monitoring, Call tracking, Live Chat and much more. To ease your work, you might have hired an agency or multiple agencies and an internal team to manage these responsibilities. But you need to constantly follow up with them and be a part of all the progress meetings. Digital Marketing doesn’t leave you any time to focus on your core work and you hate it.

That’s where you can turn on success with the Digital TurnOn Bundle, a powerful bundle of all the digital marketing activities rolled into one. At DSA, we have marketing experts who on all aspects of your digital marketing needs. We are professionals who believe in giving you a one stop solution to help you meet your marketing objectives. So not only do you get ample time to focus on your core area of work but also get regular updates and reports on how your digital marketing initiatives are performing.

We have worked with a variety of verticals including automobile, florists, legal and financial, A/C heating repair, flooring, restaurants, real estate, healthcare and many more. You will find that our professionals have a deep vertical and domain knowledge and will work on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Depending on your needs, you can select one or multiple services from the amazing bundle.

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Struggling to generate high quality leads? Perhaps you’re not doing your SEO right

High quality lead generation

Did I just mention the most painful area for your business? Even the best of SEO agencies or digital marketing efforts haven’t been able to generate quality leads to enhance your pipeline or your sales. Perhaps the reason is this – you’re not doing SEO right. If you’re using a SEO agency in Dallas, go ahead and ask them the following set of questions to understand if they’re doing the kind of SEO that will generate traffic and quality leads for your website and business.

The objective of digital marketing efforts is to generate leads. Without leads, there is no point of investing in search engine efforts or making digital marketing investment. Your business will collapse and operating cease to exist – so that’s how important leads are, and I think I don’t need to give you a brief on how important it is to invest in any initiative to generate leads, enhance sales and grow the business.

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  • Do they understand your user intent?

The answer to this one required an SEO service company to be aware of all the Google updates. With the Hummingbird update, Google has transformed their search engine into a semantic one. It tries to understand the user intent rather than the keyword or key phrases that the user is searching for. Optimize your content on the web pages to address the user intent rather than stuffing keywords. Most of the users are on your website either to understand about a service/product, perform an activity, buy or visit. One intent might turn into another depending on how well you’re able to address their requirement.

You must optimize your most important pages with the user intent for all kinds.

  • Have they optimized for mobile users?

Early in 2018, Google started to roll out its mobile-first indexing and lot of websites (read heavy websites) suffered as a result. The users are fast moving away from desktop search to mobile search. Research shows that most of the users who search on mobile devices do so with the intent to purchase.

Use of tools like Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can help the pages load faster on mobile devices (one of the topmost criteria to get top mobile rankings).

  • Are they using long-tail keywords?

Trends show that more than 70% of web searches use long-tail keywords. Targeting long-tail keywords is critical as semantic search is becoming more pervasive and popular. Amazon successfully targets long-tail keywords and can generate more than 60% of their sales with that. Ready to buy users, while searching for the product/service that they are interested to purchase, use long-tail keywords.

  • How well are they writing meta description?

The content of the meta description has a critical role in enhancing the click-through rate or CTR (which apparently is a major ranking signal for search engines. The CTR can be hugely improved with a well written meta description. If you write a meta description that is rich in context and keywords, you’re likely to have an impressive CTR.

  • Is search engine optimization of the landing pages performed?

The landing page might seem like just another digital marketing initiative, but you need to optimize it for better organic search results. Trends show that optimizing the landing page is more advantageous as they cater to a more specific segment of users. They are ready to make the buy.

Unhappy with your current digital marketing team or your SEO firm?

Leverage your SEO driven lead generation with the help of our digital marketing experts who have extensive experience and knowledge in the domain and are abreast with the latest SEO and digital marketing trends. You can click here to start generating high quality leads and grow your business.

20 tips to optimize your landing pages to double your sales

You can’t yield results from your landing pages. Well, landing page optimization is not a new concept. However, there are several nuances to it that you or your digital marketer might be missing out.

What 20? You might think how a poor little landing page can have 20 things that can be possibly done to it to impact your sales pipeline. If you think of every little detail and are careful about small things, there is nothing that can stop you from getting qualified traffic from your landing pages.

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Once you have people on your landing page, you have a limited attention span of that user. So, you better make the best of the limited time you have on your hands. I have collated a list of 20 things that you must consider (or make your digital marketer evaluate) to get value from your landing pages.

  • Avoid clutter

It is advisable not to overwhelm the users with loud images or too much content. Use white space so that users can absorb what you’re trying to communicate. To create powerful user experience, you must provide something to them that is easy for their eyes. Space gives them time to decide.

You can only create purposeful content if you understand the goals of your target audience. You need to create a buyer persona with an understanding of the goals and motivations of the intended buyers and target them in the right manner.

  • Content should give a clear purpose

When you’re making a user land on your page, you already have a persona of the kind of buyer you desire. Don’t give mixed messages on the page. Stick to your purpose, something that your users can relate to. Break the content into paragraphs that are easy to read and digest.

  • Don’t add links to too many pages on your website

You want people coming to your landing pages to convert. If you send them to your FAQs page, they won’t convert (at least not immediately). Add call to action button to ‘sign up’ or ‘buy now’ pages of your website.

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  • Add ‘call to action’ to every section

If people must scroll multiple times to read each section of your landing page, then ensure that you add a ‘call to action’ button on every section so that user knows where to click if interested.

  • Test, test, test

I’m writing this thrice since several digital marketers do not pay heed to testing. There is nothing that puts off users more than bugs on the landing page. Test the landing page thoroughly before making it LIVE.

  • Interact and engage with the users

You must ask questions related to users’ requirements/ needs/ concerns. It will engage them and make them feel that they are part of a personalized conversation.

  • Give useful information sooner

The sooner you communicate the value proposition, the chances of conversion increase. Supporting content can be added at the bottom if you deem it to be necessary.

  • Keep the message between the ads and landing page content consistent

In case of a disconnect between the ads and landing page content, you are dealing with something as bad as a broken URL. The ad copy must resonate with the landing page content (as that’s the first thing that got you there in the first place).

  • Make the landing page mobile-friendly

There are mobile ads and there are mobile landing pages. It also means that your mobile web form must be simple, progressive and easy.

Call to Action or CTA buttons are extremely critical. These can impact conversion and bounce rates. If your CTA is not impactful, the rest of your landing page will be a waste.

  • Use ‘power words’ in your content

The inclusion of a single word that makes a powerful influence is recommended in the landing page content. Power words immediately grabs the users’ attention. Some examples of power words are free, you, urgent, results, proven, etc.

  • You can include ‘video’ on your landing page

If you wish to communicate a complex idea, you can do it with a video. It is the most effective way to get a message out.

  • Don’t give the website experience

People don’t want a website experience on the landing page. It doesn’t have to contain a navigation since it takes away the user attention.

  • Include sharing button on the landing page

If you’re sharing something free, engaging the users with a video or game or a humor piece, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to make it shareable and viral via social media channels. Do include social media buttons to share the content.

  • Give a link to privacy statement

Ensure that you provide a link to the privacy statement to assure the users that their contact information will not be misused.

  • Use a Professional design

Your landing page must be designed in a professional and impactful manner. Use all the right design tactics to get a professionally designed landing page that makes an impact.

  • Don’t ask for information that you don’t need

Think about the information that you need from your prospects to convert. You probably don’t need their age or extra phone number. Don’t scare your prospects asking too many questions.

  • Use endorsements if possible

In case you have endorsements with influential brands or businesses, you can use them on your landing page for increased credibility.

  • Maintain brand consistency

There are certain brand colors, images and logo that unique to your brand. Ensure that your landing page carries consistent brand elements and doesn’t look drastically different from your brand.


The points that we have listed above are just elementary. If you wish your landing pages to start generating value and traffic, you must implement and optimize your landing page. Do not forget to measure the success of your landing pages, repeat what’s working and discard what’s not.

Digital Success has a team of the most resourceful digital marketers who can help you with all the aspects of landing page optimization. If you wish to discuss it, we’re just a click away.

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