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Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Business & Commercial Insurance Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year – SEO 2023 Giveaway

By Prasoon Gupta
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In the dynamic insurance landscape, keywords aren’t just words; they’re powerful tools driving digital success and search visibility (SEO). They are the words and phrases that potential customers use to find insurance products and services online. For US-based businesses and commercial insurance companies, a robust online footprint isn’t just beneficial—it’s paramount. In an online arena where visibility equates to viability, tapping into the pulse of popular insurance searches can be the game-changer in capturing your ideal audience.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 most popular business and commercial insurance keywords in the US. These keywords can help insurance professionals and businesses enhance their online visibility and reach their target audience effectively.

The following list has 50 most popular mixed competition keywords targeting US-based companies of business insurance industry.

KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search results)
affordable business insurance5000Medium293000000
affordable small business insurance500Medium146000000
business and commercial insurance5000Low668000000
business insurance50000Medium3720000000
business insurance agent5000Low403000000
business insurance broker5000Low179000000
business insurance company5000Low1860000000
business insurance coverage500Low531000000
business insurance for consultants5000Low90800000
business insurance for small business50000Medium1410000000
business insurance plans500Low760000000
business insurance policies5000Low2020000000
business insurance provider50Medium875000000
business insurance services500Low2470000000
business owners insurance5000Medium380000000
business services insurance500Low2270000000
cheap commercial insurance5000Medium102000000
commercial insurance50000Low1320000000
commercial insurance agent500Low228000000
commercial insurance broker5000Low91600000
commercial insurance company5000Low719000000
commercial insurance coverage500Low199000000
commercial insurance plans500Low465000000
commercial insurance policy500Low796000000
commercial insurance products50Low477000000
commercial insurance providers500Low370000000
commercial office insurance500Low632000000
corporate business insurance50Low932000000
corporate insurance500Medium1840000000
general business insurance500Low1330000000
independent commercial insurance agent50Low56500000
insurance quote for small business5000Medium101000000
local business insurance500Low1100000000
local business insurance companies500Low484000000
local commercial insurance50Low445000000
local commercial insurance broker50Low38800000
personal business insurance500Low2110000000
professional business insurance50Medium1030000000
short term business insurance500Medium533000000
short term commercial insurance50Medium242000000
small business commercial insurance500Low398000000
small business insurance50000Medium1450000000
small business insurance agent5000Low282000000
small business insurance broker5000Low91700000
small business insurance companies5000Low744000000
small business insurance packages50Medium1160000000
small business insurance plans5000Medium487000000
small business insurance policies500Low917000000
small business insurance providers5000Low332000000
small business insurance services50Low1050000000

These 50 business and commercial insurance keywords serve as a valuable resource for insurance professionals, agencies, and businesses aiming to optimize their online content and marketing strategies. By incorporating these keywords into their website content, blog posts and social media campaigns businesses can increase their online visibility and reach their target audience more effectively.

Remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process, and staying updated with industry trends and changes in search engine algorithms is essential. Regularly revisiting and refining your keyword strategy will help you maintain a strong online presence and drive valuable traffic to your insurance products and services. Save this keyword list in your bookmarks if you find it helpful. The above list can be a valuable resource if you’re facing challenges in generating keyword ideas for your commercial finance website.

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