Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Home Improvement Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year – SEO 2022 Giveaway

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Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Home Improvement Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year – SEO 2022 Giveaway

SEO is all about keyword research, which is the first and most important stage in launching a successful SEO campaign. After that, everything you do in SEO will be influenced and benefited by your keyword selection.

If you are a home improvement business, you know that attracting the right customers can be challenging and you need to know which keywords do most users search for on Google. Keeping in mind that hundreds of different keyword searches are conducted every day in almost every city in the United States, we’ve compiled the Keyword list for you.

The following list has 50 most popular mixed competition keywords targeting US-based business of home improvement industry.

KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search results)
carpet cleaning368000High308000000
home improvement stores201000Low1030000000
bathroom remodeling201000High106000000
garage door repair201000Medium312000000
appliance repair135000Low 394000000
cleaning services90500Low1270000000
roofing contractors49500Low78200000
roofing companies49500Medium94700000
window installations49500Medium138000000
pest control services49500Low200000000
handyman services33100Medium104000000
HVAC contractors33100Low55400000
window screen replacement33100High1700000000
water heater repair33100Medium308000000
electrical contractors27100Low226000000
plumbing services27100Low517000000
home remodeling22200Low123000000
emergency plumber22200Low33000000
window glass replacement22200High1120000000
bathroom renovations18100High75200000
home renovation18100Low573000000
garage door opener installation18100Medium48200000
HVAC companies14800Medium4510000000
kitchen renovation12100High275000000
painting contractors12100Low90100000
remodeling contractors9900Medium62500000
home window repair9900Medium1380000000
landscape contractors8100Low138000000
swimming pool contractors6600Low54500000
heating contractor6600Low154000000
kitchen makeovers6600High15700000
home remodeling contractors4400Medium65400000
property maintenance3600Low1530000000
drain cleaning services3600Medium214000000
remodeling companies2900Low99200000
home repair contractors2900Low218000000
bathroom remodel companies2900Low21300000
leak detection services2400Medium67800000
kitchen and bathroom remodeling1600Medium118000000
house extensions1600Medium283000000
garage door specialists1600Medium32200000
carpentry contractors1300Low34400000
commercial painting contractors1300Low38000000
garage door repair company880Medium122000000
lawn care professionals720Low59700000
commercial painting companies590Low140000000
bathroom renovation company590 Low129000000
home painting services590 Low999000000
house repair contractor480Medium247000000
house maintenance service210Medium1320000000

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