Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Keywords for Construction Companies & Where to Use Them

By Pradeep
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We live in a day and age where traditional marketing methods don’t work as effectively, even for localized businesses like construction companies. Convenience is driving all prospect customers online and thus smart businesses are going digital too.

For example, a person looking for construction/development services would put in something like this in a search engine – “construction companies near me”, this keyword has 183,000 eligible results on Google alone. And each one of these has a potential to surface for a related query. Now how do you make sure it’s your page/result that is served on top of this huge pile?

You start by selecting keywords for your construction business. If you can choose the right set of keywords, your website would help you generate organic traffic and in-turn, business results.  Choosing the wrong set of keywords, however, may hinder your growth significantly – allowing your competition to outgrow you.

We have put together a list of transactional keywords for construction companies to help you select suitable keywords for your website.

KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search Results)
construction companies110000Low5740000000
new home construction40500Low12380000000
custom home builders33100Low1290000000
building a house27100Medium10480000000
home remodeling27100Low126000000
construction management22200Low1540000000
excavating contractors22200Low5880000
licensed contractors18100Low42900000
construction contractors9900Medium8820000000
construction engineering8100Low924000000
licensed general contractor8100Medium27500000
associated builders and contractors6600Low8780000
construction contractor6600Medium292000000
construction project management6600Medium1100000000
house construction6600Low8900000000
home construction companies5400Low1830000000
building construction4400Low2920000000
building contractors3600Low318000000
industrial construction2900Low2550000000
civil construction2400Low659000000
commercial construction companies2400Low580000000
commercial general contractors2400Low127000000
construction consultants2400Low141000000
construction services2400Low1850000000
home building companies2400Low2080000000
roof construction2400Medium361000000
home remodeling companies1900Low22700000
landscape construction1900Low508000000
modular construction1900Low123000000
building company1600Low4490000000
house building companies1600Low1610000000
modular office building1600High87000000
construction business1300Low7680000000
local construction companies1300Low561000000
rammed earth construction1300Low3270000
general construction company880Low1180000000
general contracting company880Low148000000
residential construction companies720Low224000000
building design and construction590Low1190000000
commercial building contractors590Low148000000
design and build contractors590Medium118000000
general contractor services590Medium302000000
building and construction480Low1860000000
construction firm480Low505000000
construction management services480Low1210000000
construction engineering and management390Low617000000
general contracting services260Low171000000
local building contractors210Medium145000000 
residential building construction170Low465000000
small construction companies170Medium680000000

Basic SEO Touchpoints for a Construction/Development Business

On-page SEO

On-page SEO or On-site SEO is the practice of optimizing the webpages on a site to improve search engine rankings and direct valuable organic traffic to your website. It includes, but not limited to, optimization of various on-page elements like – Page URLs, Heading tags, Title tags, Descriptions, Anchor text, Images, Website architecture and Page load speeds.

Off-Page SEO

Any activity you perform to boost your search rankings – outside of your own website can be considered off-page optimization. This includes backlinks, E-A-T, local SEO, social media mentions, and advertisements.

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Local SEO is Vital for Construction Businesses

If you wish to attract customers in your area, you need to put efforts into optimizing your construction business for local searches. Local searches look like these:

  • Café near me
  • Salon near me
  • Hardware store near me
  • Plumber near me
  • Lawyers in [name of the city/locality]

Why is Local SEO vital for your physical business? Here are a few benefits:

  • One-third of online consumers use the internet to find local businesses daily.
  • There is a 50% chance that a consumer will visit your business if they found you using a local search.
  • More and more consumers read and leave online reviews every year. This makes it a reliability/trust scale for prospects – businesses with better reviews get more customers.
  • First-time consumers often perform a local search to confirm the existence or location of a business.

What to do?

  • Create and optimize Google My Business Profile and other online directories for your construction company.
  • Get as many reviews as possible – encourage satisfied customers to leave an online review for your construction business.
  • Produce content around local news or events and post them on various channels.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly – most of the local searches would happen here.
  • Include local keywords in your target list.

Content – the most important part of an effective SEO strategy

Publishing fresh and relevant content that addresses real-world problems your audience might face goes a long way. It establishes you as a trusted source of information on topics around the construction niche. If this strategy is executed properly, people would start to trust your business as a result.

Website Maintenance and ongoing Optimization:

SEO is not something you can set and forget. It requires ongoing maintenance, audits, and content creation to ensure you keep ranking in the top spots.

If you lack the staff to keep up with day-to-day optimization activities, you may consider hiring an effective SEO agency for your construction company.

But make sure you hire the right one by looking for these green flags –

  • Demonstrated success of their current clientele
  • Good online reviews on trusted platforms such as – Clutch and Goodfirms
  • Case studies of their successful work
  • They do not promise quick, cheap results
  • They talk about technical SEO, Content optimization and off-page SEO

Where to Utilize the Top SEO Keywords for Construction Business?

  • Website elements – Heading tags, meta-tags, alt-tags and more.
  • GMB – local keywords would be best suited here.
  • Local Directory Listings – maintain NAP consistency and ensure to use target keywords in descriptions.
  • Keyword optimized Blog Section where you publish fresh content regularly – this is where you can go beyond your target list and try to bring in more and more organic traffic by creating content around informative topics and real-world problems your consumers face.
  • Using media [photos, videos, infographics] that is optimized with target keywords.


Social media can give you an edge

Post regularly on social media. It not only helps to showcase that your team is constantly working, but also attracts potential customers.

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