Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Pharmaceutical Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year – SEO 2022 Giveaway

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Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Pharmaceutical Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year – SEO 2022 Giveaway

Any successful digital marketing plan relies heavily on SEO, as it’s critical for every company that wants to have a strong online presence, but it’s especially important for pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical industry has grown significantly during the past two decades and traditional methods are not the only avenue for them to market their business. SEO has opened a whole new world of opportunity to attract organic visitors to their website. With increasing use of Internet for health related queries, it’s imperative for pharmaceutical companies to establish good online presence.

Companies are not only competing for attention with a slew of other brands, but they’re also vying for a higher level of consumer trust. Your pharmaceutical website will become lost in the crowd without it, and doctors and other healthcare professionals will be unable to locate you. However, with the right SEO efforts, you can build trust and a great brand reputation. And the right SEO effort begins with identifying the most popular keywords your target audiences are searching.

To make your task easier, we provide the most popular US search Keyword list that you can plan to focus on and thrive in your business online.

The following list has 50 most popular mixed competition keywords targeting US-based business of pharmaceutical industry.

KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search Results)
24 hour pharmacy74,000Low428,000,000
pharmaceutical companies18,100Low240,000,000
online pharmacy18,100High479,000,000
medical pharmacy5,400Low463,000,000
online drugstore3,600High68,000,000
pharma company2,900Low808,000,000
pharmaceutical industry2,400Low235,000,000
pharmaceutical manufacturing1600Low257000000
pharmaceutical manufacturers1600Low133000000
pharmaceutical chemistry880Low254000000
healthcare pharmacy720Low470000000
pharmaceutical care480Low257000000
pharmaceutical product480Low416000000
pharma manufacturing480Low 171000000
medicines company390Low141000000
pharmaceutical manufacturing companies390Low166000000
pharmaceutical wholesalers260Medium9100000
small pharmaceutical companies210Low197000000
biopharmaceutical company210Low8650000
healthcare pharmaceuticals170Low115000000
pharma solutions170Low222000000
pharmaceutical contract manufacturing170Low42500000
medical research companies140Medium1680000000
pharmaceutical services140Low 235000000
pharmaceutical research companies140Low199000000
pharmaceutical distribution companies140Low136000000
pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers140Low37200000
global pharmaceutical companies110Low259000000
pharmaceutical consulting companies110Medium52500000
regenerative medicine companies110Low6610000
wholesale pharmacy suppliers90Medium14100000
pharmaceutical solutions70Low260000000
meditech pharmaceutical70Low1590000
pharmacy wholesale distributors70Medium5320000
pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing50Low126000000
pharmaceutical industry companies50Low216000000
private pharmaceutical companies50Low136000000
pharmaceutical supply companies50Medium225000000
bio pharma products50High37200000
pharmaceutical lab equipment50High36000000
medicine manufacturing company40Low280000000
pharma equipment manufacturers40Low15600000
medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry30Low119000000
medical pharma30Low218000000
pharma suppliers20Low50600000
pharma consultancy services20Low17300000
medicine wholesale distributor10Low8450000
chemical and pharmaceutical company10Low224000000
medicine production company10Low678000000
organic medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry10High55500000

If you found this keyword list useful, don’t forget to bookmark it. Optimizing your pharmaceutical website SEO with the right keyword research is a great way to get the ball rolling, and our list is a solid place to start!

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