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Google’s buy button- The new Magic Button for e-commerce? The growth opportunity for e-commerce world?

By Aron Allen
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As much as marketers like to toot their horn about how huge mobile e-commerce has gotten over the last few years, actual purchases off phones and tablets are still dismally low when compared to their counterpart, the desktop.

Despite the prodigious figure that is 60% of all browsing for a retail purchases done on mobile devices, a tiny 15% of sales are actually executed by the people behind these devices.

Regardless of why these numbers are the way they are, Google wants this figure of 15% to grow exponentially, thus, the new buy button. Alongside the upcoming Facebook buy button, the Twitter buy button, and the Instagram buy button, Google seems to be hoping on board, as it was officially announced on August 15.

If this isn’t proof enough, take a look at the buy pin already implemented on Pinterest. If you’ve got a large scale e-commerce platform that is highly optimized for mobile, then friend, it looks like business is bout’ to be boomin’.

This may all sound like nothing more than hype for the time being, so let’s look more in depth at what Google’s buy button could mean.
The increase in sales

As the new buy button will be placed smack in the middle of the mobile search results page, it’s not exactly going to be hard to find. And because the previously mentioned figure of 60% looks to be growing steadily over the years and showing no sign of slowing down, Google is trying to convert those that only research on mobile to both research and buy on mobile.

Sales will inevitably increase at least slightly as Google has stated that the whole purpose of this is to take away the desire to buy only on desktops with this new interface built around streamlining the entire buying experience. This would effectively break down that classic “No way I’m buying from my phone, it’s too much of a hassle” thought process that so many of us have.
Effect on online marketing

Besides just bumping up a few numbers here and there for online retailers, this button will also effect things with online marketers themselves. Because of the general belief marketers have that an organic result for a product in Google is generally more valuable than an ad for that same product, this button will undoubtedly toss things up.

With the buy button as part of the advertisement itself, this won’t necessarily take focus off organic results, but instead create a stronger priority on quality content marketing in advertisements.
How can one capitalize this change?

When I stated earlier that your business is about to be boomin’, that was only for those that are taking or will soon be taking the time to invest in their mobile strategy. This is in reference to having a robust mobile PPC strategy, working on having a strong mobile branding and engagement strategy, and reaching out beyond just Google for mobile purchases.

Because Google wants everyone to give them money (like we all do) they implemented this change to make their marketing platform more valuable. This isn’t a simple change either, buy buttons will tangibly impact the results of how marketers use Google’s advertising platform.

Marketers will be able to utilize the huge branding ground that is Googles product pages with the new found information that show us that Google will be heavily branding this space for marketers after the buy button’s implementation.
The “buy button craze”

With all these exciting new e-commerce occurrences happening in 2015, it going to be an explosive year for impulse buying on mobile devices. Don’t fall behind the pack of companies that will inevitably be taking advantage of this innovation by, at the very least, optimize your PPC strategy for mobile. If you’re still not convinced on the importance of mobile, check out a few stats that will change your mind.

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