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Local Search Engine Optimization Has Become Vital for Businesses Growth – Here’s Why

By Aron Allen
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Being easy to find in local searches is more important than ever, which we will explore in seven different hard-hitting statistics.

Mobile searchers

As found by Google, 50% of all local searches done on mobile devices lead users to physical stores each day. On the other hand, 34% of computer users are doing the same. What we can interpret from this is that ranking high in local search listings directly impacts your physical store visitor count.

The best part about this is that Google also found that 18% of these searches lead to actual purchases on that same day. And mobile is only positioned to grow.

Ads used not only for purchasing conversions

In the same Google study, it was found that people looking for your company have a set of preferences on how they like to see ads based on where they are. Making yourself visible on local search is one thing, but advertising from Google is another.

When advertising through Google, its proven that 67% of all mobile users want the ad to include information that is customized to their location, AKA, local-targeting.

If you do this, 61% of users utilize the phone number if it is listed and 68% of them utilize the ad buttons that allow them to call you directly or quickly get directions to your store.

Essentially, this means that if you make yourself available on these mediums, there’s more than likely a percentage of people that will always use these services.

Local review stats

In this customer survey, we can really see the value that local review sites have, as 88% of people trust an online review as much as hearing that recommendation from a friend or acquaintance.

Encouraging people to give you reviews on review sites like Yelp can really guide people searching these sites to you, and build your business overall. If you’re not sure how you’re doing in this area, simply search for your company and see what people are saying, or not saying.

Simple checklist to begin going local

If you’re looking at these stats and know you could be doing more, we’ve created a beginner’s bullet list to check off to kick start your local SEO strategy.

  • Getting listed on Google My Business and filling out the sections that will create a profile will set the stage for people to find you.
  • Review your phone number, location address, and company name on all your different channels to make sure it is entirely uniform.
  • Identify the standard information listings that other companies like yours are having indexed on Google. Try and offer similar information so that Google can easily show your information (hours open/directions/reviews/phone number)
  • Try to utilize local keywords inside URL’s, tags like headers and titles, and write them into your content when it makes sense.
  • Include what category of business you are in to have Google put you into the right industry.
  • Encourage purchases for mobile users with coupons as they are usually in the final stage of the buying cycle, decided whether or not to purchase.
  • Make sure your mobile landing pages are optimized not only for local, but in all other ways as well.

Key Takeaways

These statistics are indeed quite hard-hitting. If you haven’t made yourself fully available on local searches, hopefully you’ve realized that it’s not merely a modern option to take, it’s really more of a necessity to continue running a profitable business.

6 responses to “Local Search Engine Optimization Has Become Vital for Businesses Growth – Here’s Why”

  1. Hey, you write a wonderful blog, I want to know about your blog some questions, how beneficial is search engine optimization for me? Is there is any specific benefits that it occurs? How is SEO related to ad posting?

    • Thanks for stopping by Emmet. Glad that you liked the blog.

      In regards to your question about how beneficial SEO is for you,
      I would like to mention that a single marketing strategy doesn’t fit all businesses equally. Depending on the niche of the business, targeted audience and targeted locations etc., one needs to create the marketing strategy which is more oriented towards achieving the business goals. So, if you are comfortable in sharing your website URL or business niche and what exactly are you offering (product/service), location targeted etc., only then I can recommend to you whether SEO is better for you or some other form of marketing would be a good fit.

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge once again!
    Great Article about local search engine optimization has become vital for business. I think the information present on the blog is really useful. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful information! I am looking forward to more Articles.

    “I will share the blog information on my social media sites”

    Thank you.

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