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Smartphones to get smarter with the launch of ‘Now on Tap’

By Kate John
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Now get prepared for your android smartphones to read your mind and get smarter.

Here’s why.

Google Now will mature and give you ‘Now on Tap’, a contextual searching technique. It will be so cool that it will give you search results whether you’re using an app on your phone or using your browser. ‘Now on Tap’ will be available when you hold the home button of your phone and give Google cards with the possible results that you might be looking for.

Aparna Chennapragada, Director for Google Now, introduced this amazing new feature at the annual Google Developers Conference in San Francisco recently. After taking a permission from users, Google Now already displays Google Now cards for e-mails and calendar on smartphones. ‘Now on Tap’ will take this feature further and be layered over 3rd party applications on the smartphones. While showing a demo at the conference, Aparna used the ‘Now on Tap’ feature while using the Spotify application to stream music. And there it was, all the information about the song like the artist, band, etc. The new feature is meant to empower users with instant information, she added. Developers don’t have to do learn anything for the new feature as apps will be indexed by Google.

But yes there is a waiting period to this new feature. It will be released with Android M operating system, which is expected later this year.

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