Top 10 Influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter For Digital Marketing

By Pradeep
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Top 10 Influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter For Digital Marketing

Following top influencers for Digital Marketing on social media (LinkedIn and Twitter) can be an amazing way to feel inspired and learn more about the industry you’re most interested in. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, take a look at our favorite influencers to follow on social media.


Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the founder of – an SEO site that provides specialist training and knowledge to help businesses make the most of organic search. Neil is a great guy to follow to learn more about the SEO game, however he also shares his knowledge on motivation and entrepreneurship too, which can be really inspiring. Check him out on Twitter.


Rishi Khanna

Rishi Khanna is a serial entrepreneur and has a large following on LinkedIn. He is considered a hub of knowledge for all things marketing outsourcing and digital marketing is a large part of that. Having spent years running multiple businesses (Digital Success, ISHIR Digital) that help people outsource their IT and digital marketing, Rishi has a deep knowledge about digital marketing outsourcing and digital marketing agency business. He regularly shares his thought leadership around the topic along with other digital marketing updates and articles based on his own experience of launching and running several successful businesses and digital marketing agencies. Follow him on LinkedIn and twitter here.


Mari Smith

If you want to learn about Facebook digital marketing, Mari is the go to woman. Often referred to as “the queen of Facebook”, she is renowned for sharing tips and tricks on Facebook marketing and how to grow your business on the platform. Follow her on LinkedIn to hear her amazing insights.


Chetan Saxena

Chetan is the COO of Digital success – a leading digital agency based in Dallas Texas making digital transformation possible for businesses and marketing agencies. He is first and foremost a digital marketer and has been part of the industry since its early years. He is one to watch for insights and a depth of knowledge on digital marketing and how it is evolving. Read more on him in this recent interview.   Follow Chetan on LinkedIn.


Joanna Wiebe

Joanna is a great influencer to follow on LinkedIn if you want to learn more about copywriting and content and the role that it can play in the overall digital marketing strategy of a business. She regularly uses SlideShare to send out valuable content on LinkedIn, which is not to be missed.


Larry Kim

Larry has an amazing view on marketing which will open your eyes to how performance in marketing works. His tongue in cheek look at the digital marketing sphere provides entertainment as well as knowledge. A great influencer to follow to learn more and stay up to date with what’s going on in digital marketing. Follow the founder of Wordstream and the CEO of mobile monkey here.


Jennifer Polk

Although Jennifer’s current position is as Chief of Research and VP at Gartner, Jennifer is a talented digital marketer with years of success behind her. She has worked her way to the top of Gartner and is now one of the most trusted advisors to the CMO. She is a great leader to follow on LinkedIn for industry insights and digital marketing content as well as general business insight.


Travis Marziani

Travis has built a following on LinkedIn with his unique, entrepreneurial attitude and ability to start online businesses. He started his own online businesses after quitting his corporate job cold turkey, and now he coaches other people to help them chase their dreams and build online businesses that help them reach their financial goals.


Casie Gillette

Casie is the director of online marketing at Komarketing and is a great influencer to follow on LinkedIn. Her specialities are SEO, social media and content writing, and she leads the marketing strategy for her organisation. This means she is amazingly well placed to comment on online marketing and she regularly shares awesome insights, podcasts and videos that will add depth to your marketing understanding.


Rand Fishkin

Rand is one of the world’s most renowned digital marketers, as the founder of the SEO site Moz.  Rand is one of the best people in the world to follow if you want to learn more about SEO and cut through all of the noise that can surround the topic. Follow him on Twitter.

If you’re looking to revamp your digital marketing strategy, why not reach out to Digital Success to transform your business. Alternatively, you may like to learn more about digital marketing by reading our recent article on the 13 small business marketing strategies for COVID-19 and beyond.

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