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It’s True! Google Adores Great Content on Social Media

By Kate John
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There is no doubt that Social Media has a huge impact on your SEO rankings. Google uses a website’s popularity on social media channels as a ranking measure.

Quality content on your social media attracts followership, which in turn enhances the subscribers (and the traffic) for your website. For example, Google relies a lot on Twitter to find new content and on Twitter, it is of course the number of retweets and followers that differentiates between good and average content.

So what does social media presence mean?

If you have created a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter page, that alone is obviously not enough. It is important to update the social media pages regularly. One has to post as an engaged social media marketer while posting on social media channels, like it is good to follow other relevant people/ businesses, share the latest about your company and talk about any exclusive deals or offers. The frequency and quality of your updates is an important factor for your rankings.

OK so what should I really do?

Write some great content

Like mentioned earlier, they key to be popular on social media is to share some great, and irresistible shareable content. Great content can get you the traction from followers who matter. Remember that Google is intelligent to identify in case you have proxy followers so try to post relevant content with equally relevant hashtags.

Share engaging and original blogs, articles, tips and updates.  Google ranks engaging content higher than content full of keywords is looking more at the kind of content you’re sharing with people, instead of the number of keywords you can shove into a blog post or website.

Include posts that are useful, informative and engaging. The posts should address some customer challenges and this is how it can become useful. It should be informative to talk about your capabilities and the services you can offer. The posts should be engaging to ask some relevant questions and making your followers think and click on a link as a call to action.

Not sure how to write great content for your business?

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