12 mistakes that most content marketers are committing that are Poisoning Your Growth(and which can be avoided easily)

By Kate John
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Irrespective of the year, every business owner wishes to build a profitable business online. Over the years, every digital marketing specialist has been saying that ‘content is king’, and they continue to say so. Trends show that more than 80% of online buyers rely on content before buying something online. This is exactly the reason why you must take your content marketing seriously. Each of your digital marketing goals must be mapped to your content marketing strategy so that the two are in sync.

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Content Marketers often omit several key elements to a content marketing strategy that leads to its failure.

I have collated the most common 12 mistakes that are acting as a roadblock to achieve your digital marketing goals and generate more traffic and leads.


1. Content marketing strategy is not documented

You’re probably wondering the reason for putting this point in writing but the reason for content marketing strategy to fail is that it’s only on the content marketer’s mind. If you document the content marketing strategy, implementation and tracking becomes easier.


2. Not using a professional content marketer

It’s a common misconception that anyone can write content. You need to hire a professional content marketer to develop engaging content and repurpose it when required.


3. Not segmenting your buyers

Not everyone is your buyer. You need to create a buyer persona wherein you need to segment your buyers depending on their age-group, preferences, gender, geographical location and internal drivers. If your product or service caters to multiple segments of buyers, your content needs to resonate the message accordingly.


4. Trying to achieve over ambitious goals

Don’t be over ambitious when setting your content marketing targets. For example, if you’re just starting to write a blog, you can’t expect to have 1000 monthly subscriptions in one month. You need to start small and grow gradually to reach your goals.


5. Writing ineffective CTAs

Evaluate your CTA and see if it convinces your users to act. CTA is a directive for online users to take next step. See if you can offer free sample/ discount or offer something special.


6. Not running A/B tests consistently

A/B tests can help you understand the headlines that are working for you, call-to-action, and the types of content that resonates well with your intended readers. Since you’re concerned about search traffic, ensure that your search performance, site speed, CTAs, landing page and headlines are giving desired results.


7. Not being consistent

Most of the content marketers attribute the failure of the content marketing strategy to a lack of commitment. Consistency is the key to make content marketing successful. You must stay committed to the content marketing strategy and revisit it in case your feel some aspects of it are not working for you.


8. Not connecting with the readers

You just can’t be brand focused. You need to address the concerns and needs of your users.

Storytelling is an effective way to bridge the gap between your personal experience and users’ interests. Effective storytelling can make reading effortless for your readers.


9. Not sharing your content in multiple content formats

Infographics, videos, podcasts and images – users want to see multiple content formats. Multiple content formats help in generating more leads. Ensure that you give a mixed flavor to your content.


10. Not using Guest blogging

Establish your search rankings, build brand awareness and improve search results. It is an excellent way to build your reputation, share your insights and reach out to new audiences. You can gain high quality backlinks with the help of guest blogging.


11. Not promoting your content

Even the most effective content can go unnoticed if it’s not promoted effectively. Content promotion strategies include influencer marketing, submitting your content on content communities and promoting your content via social media posts.


12. Not tracking your KPIs

The success of your content can only be measured if you can track bounce rate, new and returning visitors, content shares, number of comments and time spent on the website. Measure the conversion rate and ROI of your campaign.

If you think your content marketer is not able to achieve the desired results, you can speak to us to get our content marketers work on an effective content marketing strategy in 2019.

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