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10 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Content Marketing

By Guest Blogger

Enterprises across the globe are putting in a lot of efforts into creating high-quality content. The reason for their impetus on content is because of the popularity that good content has among their target audience. They want to explore all possibilities of content marketing to reach out to them with the message.

If you are into content marketing, you may have to put in efforts to make sure the content that you have carefully drafted reaches the right places. Content marketing is more about small and innovative competences than big and out-of-the-way techniques. Here are the 10 innovative steps to improve your content marketing.

1. Start Small

Every business wants to crawl to the top. But the truth is, it is a step by step process. Starting small makes each action very clear and easy to perform. Instead of taking too much on your head, start slow, start easy, start small; and gradually expand. This makes tracking progress easier.

2. Set Schedule

Most people make the mistake of picking the time randomly each day and marketing their content whenever it’s convenient to them. Scheduling plays an important role in marketing. Having a set time to market your content is important. Generally, there is a set time when people are most active on social media. To ensure your content reaches maximum number of people really quickly, track the peak hours of the user engagement on various social media platforms and market accordingly.

3. Have a Plan

Majority of successful people are micro planners. Having a plan means you would be able to devote definite amount of time to every platform, knowing how much time is needed for each task. Furthermore, while many people market their content everywhere they can, you need to have a set plan to be precise with your marketing. Document what platforms you are using to market them.

4. Pin images and infographics

It is scientifically proven that people pay more attention to images than words. They first look at the image, and based on the image, they try to make out what the content could be about. Making use of catchy and relevant images, and craft meaningful infographics will definitely support your content and helps in effective blogger outreach as well.

5. Be crisp and short with messages and overviews

One of the biggest mistakes people make while drafting a mail or writing a message is that they get too descriptive. It is true that you would want to explain the intricacies of your message, however, the reader would just want to pick pieces that are important. So, when you post a content or draft a mail, be thoughtful. Be concise and precise when you want to send across a message. People have less time, and they’d only wish to read short messages.

6. Maintain online relationships

On social media platforms, one of the most challenging tasks is to form relationships. However, your task does not end there. Just as important as it’s to form relationships, maintaining them is also the key to sustain your progress in the digital content marketing.

7. Track Progress Meticulously

It is obvious that nothing would work out if you have no clue what progress you are making. Besides documenting what all social media platforms you use, also make it a point to track progress on a regular basis to have a better direction as to what more to do. Furthermore, this would also give you an idea about where you are lacking and help you take rectifying measures.

8. Don’t go astray

There are way too many social media platforms on the internet. Many people believe that being on maximum number of social media platforms would help a lot more. However, that is a myth. Know what social media platforms would be helpful and which ones wouldn’t. Time is precious and you should be sure that you are investing it in the right place.

9. Use interactive way of speech

We have always had boring textbooks in schools. The reason why people hate curriculum books compared to novels is because novels have a friendly way of narration while school books have a formal language. This is why, make sure you are communicating with your audience. Make them feel like both your content and messages have a personality; walk audiences through the content.

10. Use proper tags

In the times of hashtags, using right keywords and tags matter just as much as coming up with amazing content. Address what people are looking for related to your content, and make it a point to include those keywords and hashtags to enhance visibility and reach.

Final Thoughts

You don’t always have to look for complex equations or complicated strategies to be successful at content marketing. Following these small, yet effective tips would help you significantly in improving your content marketing. After all, if you wish to witness big changes, you need to start taking small steps.



Jafar Sadhik, a passionate logophile turned creative content specialist pursuing a dream in ever inflating digital market. Currently employed as a technical blogger at Stan Ventures, a digital marketing company.


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