4 Reasons Social Media Marketing is a Blessing During the COVID-19 Period

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4 Reasons Social Media Marketing is a Blessing During the COVID-19 Period

Correct me if I am wrong, but I firmly believe – COVID-19 is here to give us some crude life lessons. It has pointed at the inefficacy of global healthcare. Along with this, the crisis has also hastened the digitization of work in every sector.
These days, digital access is like oxygen. Man, being the social animal it is, cannot survive without social contact. As they practice social distancing in physical terms, more people have started leaping on to social media. It is providing a medium where they vent out, discuss, and receive the latest updates on the COVID situation across the globe.
Right now, there are 3484 billion worldwide social media users. This is about 45 percent of the world’s population.


State of Global Economy
Amid the frenzy, the global economy is also facing an uncertain situation. The main concern of business entities is to chuck out extra expenditures. Instead of progress and adoption of digital growth, they only care about sustaining through the crisis.
If your venture has survived the pandemic so far, it is time you begin chalking out new strategies. Consider accelerating digital transformations. The integration of social media marketing constitutes a large part of this approach. It will enable you to retain existing customers and find other prospects.

Why is Social Media Marketing the Answer?
Social media has proven itself as a critical path to growth. With social media addiction taking over most people, this is your chance to upgrade your brand. According to eMarketer, Facebook saw a 70% increase in the usage of all of its apps in March 2020. Facebook, being an incredible ad platform, can help to keep business on wheels even during this crisis period.
It is plausible to think of how consumers will perceive your ad campaign. Does it appear like you are interested in capitalizing while the entire world population is under threat? Is there a way to show your customers that you care?
Conversions may not float the way they usually do. Still, pulling out investments from social media marketing is not the right move. Instead, it serves as a blessing during this time.


Below are four more reasons to convince you why we think so.

⦁ Chance to get ahead of competitors

The first move of every competitor during a crisis is they take their foot off the marketing pedal. They believe there is no reason to push marketing strategies. And this is what you should take advantage of. Google does not stop working during the pandemic. People are still carrying on with their online searches.
With competitors halting their promotion strategies, the customer base that you share is ripe for taking. Remember, the end of this pandemic is unpredictable. You have a lot of time at hand to get far ahead of the rivals. The blog about practicing compassion says it all. You need to stay in the loop and maintain a healthy relationship with your customer.
Take the example of James Charles. Being YouTube’s most famous beauty vlogger, he has successfully built a huge fan following. In a recent interview, he provided his viewership has expanded rapidly. And in his endeavor to keep his viewer base secure, he has started producing two videos per week.
Charles definitely knows how to keep the audience hooked. He is using this period to enhance his ratings.

⦁ Small efforts and better results

When you start planning, you will realize that social media marketing doesn’t require much effort. You don’t need a large workforce or hefty amounts to trigger the campaign. Facebook Ads, for instance, generate results for a few cents only. You can craft Facebook or Google Ads to boost your brand awareness.
All you need is to understand the need of the hour. Create content that is in demand right now. Like when you are using Twitter, you should explore and use relevant hashtags. You can use a site like Hashtagify to identify the trending hashtags.

As engagement shoots, it gives you all the more reasons to focus on social media marketing

For better assistance, you can contact social media marketing professionals. The strategies they design befit the need of the hour and help you stand out.

⦁ A chance to win people’s hearts

As mentioned earlier, people might perceive you as a selfish brand whose primary concern is to increase its profitability. We recommend that you change your message. Start serving people as opposed to hard selling.
Social media marketing will be your best friend during this. It will help you to spread how you have changed your approach. Some steps you can take include:
⦁ Offering discounts
⦁ Complimentary access to premium services
⦁ Freebies in the future
⦁ Keeping people in the loop by informing them about any delays or discrepancies

Industry experts are already doing so. Double Tree, an American hotel chain, is famous for its chocolate chip cookies. The recipe has been a corporate secret for a long time. The company decided to reveal its recipe for the admirers staying home during the COVID-19. The video has crossed 250,000 views, and people are posting pictures of their delicious home-cooked cookies on social media.
Another brilliant example is being set up by Nike. It launched the Nike Training Club app, which offers streaming workouts, training programs, and expert tips, all for free.
All in all, extraordinary times call for exceptional measures. And as a brand, you should start using social media to serve your people when they are trapped indoors. Digital Success shares some interesting tips on how to reach a broader audience during these trying times.

⦁ Top of the mind awareness

Social Media Marketing will allow you to stay visible. You can use it to remain in the sight of consumers. So when the storm blows over, you will have a chance to jump onto the first ranks on the grid.
Bear in mind the basic marketing rule – out of sight, out of mind. If people do not see you in search results, neither on social platforms, they will forget about you.
Even if your sales hit the rock-bottom, backing out from social media campaign means ultimate doom when the crisis is over.

Parting Thoughts
Now that you agree that digital marketing is the way to go, learn about measures needed to upscale your performance. As James Carles says, “Honestly, people want to see normalized content. They want a distraction.”
It is a tragedy for the world. However, humanity must keep on living. Terminating social media marketing will only result in further doom. It is a blessing as this medium requires minimal resources and workforce. Design an efficient outreach program, and you won’t regret your hard work once everyone is out of hot waters.
Do whatever it takes to strengthen the connection between your brand and the prospects.
Keep working, and stay safe!

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