Digital Marketing Roundup – Monthly SEO News & Updates June’2022

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Welcome to our monthly round-up of SEO News, which discusses trends, changes in search engine algorithms, tools and more – all updates that may affect your website’s search performance.

June was a packed month, with the core algorithm update, changes to GSC reports & video indexing, new schema markup for academic videos and more. Let’s dive right into this month’s highlights from SEO industry.

The Google May 2022 Core Update Has Been Released Completely

The May 2022 core update is now fully implemented, according to Google. The update was released over the course of 15 days, from May 25 to June 9 of 2022. The 15-day launch process of this update has been completed. Now you can analyze how your website was affected and decide what steps to take next.

Source: Twitter

Google states, Not Visible On-Page Content Is Equally Important Now

According to Google’s Gary Illyes, the company no longer gives less value to content or elements which are not displayed on the page. Google only bothers if the content is in the HTML or in the “immediate JavaScript.”


If you have tabbed/hidden content on your own pages, you do not need to worry anymore. According to Gary Illyes, if the content is present in the page’s HTML, you’re good to go.

How Google Creates Titles for Pages with Language/Script Misaligned

On 03 June 22, Google made an algorithmic change which recognizes articles where the title component is expressed in a language or script distinct from the article’s content and selects a title that is closest to the article’s language and script. The page’s title attribute is typically used by Google’s algorithm. Their algorithms may look for alternatives which fit the language that dominates the page in circumstances when titles are multilingual or transliterated.

Should we worry? 

If you do not want Google to choose your titles for you, it’s a great idea to choose a title which corresponds to the major content of the web-page’s language or script – that means, create your titles in the same language as the on-page content.

15MB Googlebot Limit Explicitly Stated by Google

In its Google documentation, Google posted an update that it will stop crawling after First 15MB of content in an HTML document or other similar text-based file and anything after this won’t be included in ranking calculations. Google further clarifies that the criterion has been in place for a long time & they just recently included it in their documentation as it hardly changes, and some people might find it useful while debugging.

Do we need to worry?

It may sound worrisome, that a part of your content may get left out of index, but 15 MB is a large amount for an HTML document.

Also, based on Google’s documentation, resources like images and videos are fetched separately and 15 MB cutoff is meant exclusively for HTML.

According to Brian Frederick from Search Engine Journal, it is highly unlikely that you would need to make any changes to your website unless you are planning to publish “entire books’ worth of text on a single page”.

Google Now Includes an LGBTQ+-Owned Characteristic in Company Profiles

Following the footsteps of Yelp, which introduced LGBTQ-owned business label in May 2021, Google has come up with a new Google Business profile feature that allows business owners from the community to set their own LGBTQ-owned attribute on their business listing. Attributes like this can help your profile become more visible.

Source: Google

Google Search Console New Update on Video Content Indexing

Google Search Console is about to provide a new report on video content indexing.  It will soon make it easier for you to troubleshoot issues related to the video indexing. The indexing data for video pages may be seen in Google Search Console’s “Index” tab’s “video pages” section. This report provides you with a list of all the video pages that Google indexed while crawling your website. As far as we are concerned, this is a welcome change.

Duckduckgo’s Daily Searches Below 100 Million

DuckDuckGo’s daily search volume falls below 100 million searches on a daily basis. The Privacy focused search engine has been under 100 million daily searches for the previous several months after having more than 100 million queries each day since January 2021.


Trend For Small Businesses in Search Has Peaked in 2022

In 2022, searches related to small scale businesses seems to have increased.

According to a recent Semrush research, searches for terms related to starting small businesses have seen an upward trend. The volume of “open business” search queries has increased by 21% during the last four years. The months of January and March have seen the most “open business” search related queries. Searches for all topics linked with starting a small business have increased by 76% between 2018 and 2022.

With An Improved Item Categorization, Google Search Console Reports Will Now Be Made Simpler

In an effort to make users focus more on issues that affect how websites appear in search results, Google is simplifying search console reports.

The top-level item is divided into two categories: pages or content with major concerns are labelled as invalid, and pages or content without critical problems are designated as valid. The top-level item is going to be a rich result for rich result reports and webpage or Address for the other reports. It is aimed to help you prioritize your significant improvement; Google believes that this new categorization will make it simpler to see immediately which problems impact your site’s visibility on Google.

Google Introduced New Rich Learning Video Results

Google has added learning video rich results. Such rich results are available for educational learning content on mobile and desktop devices across all countries. According to Google, these are the videos with learning-specific data and structured data which provide “educational level, idea, and skills addressed in the video.” Learning Video markup is designed to increase exposure of the video’s academic components. The markup can contain details about many ideas and abilities covered in the video content.

We recommend following specific technical guidelines while adding learning structured data to your pages.

That wraps up the latest updates from June’22, hope you found this month’s round-up useful. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and get upcoming updates from the search engine optimization industry delivered to your inbox. Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your custom digital strategy.

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