List of Top keywords to Boost Your Local Restaurant’s Sales in 2020

By Pradeep
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List of Top keywords to Boost Your Local Restaurant’s Sales in 2022

COVID outbreak and resulting prevention measures have affected the hotel and restaurant businesses the most.

Due to lockdown and social distancing measures put in place by the government in almost every nation, the restaurant businesses are finding it tough to stay afloat.

Also, with people stuck at home, search engines have become a prominent place for people to find restaurants and order using online delivery channels.

While traditional methods of acquiring customers are no more working, organic search engine optimization has become #1 choice to reach out to potential customers and with the help of online delivery platforms, keep revenue sustainable.

For a new restaurant owner search engine optimization could be a little overwhelming to learn about and incorporate in their existing marketing plan.

Since keyword research is the starting point of every successful SEO campaign as people could search various terms containing the term ‘Restaurants’ but you only need to target those keywords that target services your restaurant provides and within your locality.

This primary exercise also lays a strong foundation for other SEO tasks, like finding content topics for blogs, on-page SEO, link outreach, and content promotion, etc.

Performing keyword research for any restaurant owners would require reading blogs/articles or watching videos and investing a lot of hours to identify the right set of keywords.

To make tasks easier, we are publishing here the popular US search keywords that you can leverage for your restaurant marketing campaign.

Below is a list of 62 most popular mixed competition restaurants keywords to get started with SEO for your restaurant.


KeywordSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search results)
24 hour food40500 Low 2,090,000,000
American restaurant450000 Low 6,920,000,000
Asian restaurant301000 Low 2,810,000,000
bar restaurant22200 Medium 2,690,000,000
barbecue restaurant301000 Low 850,000,000
bars and restaurants8100 Low 3,780,000,000
breakfast brunch3600 Low 568,000,000
breakfast restaurants550000 Low 1,860,000,000
brew pub restaurant110 Low 55,800,000
brunch restaurant22200 Low 491,000,000
buffet restaurant74000 Low 569,000,000
casual fine dining restaurants30 Low 78,500,000
chinese restaurant823000 Low 7,020,000,000
colombian restaurant60500 Low 32,200,000
cuban food49500 Low 206,000,000
cuban restaurant135000 Low 372,000,000
dessert restaurants14800 Low 1,880,000,000
disney dining18100 Low 132,000,000
dog friendly restaurants110000 Low 469,000,000
family restaurant49500 Low 4,700,000,000
fast food restaurant1220000 Low 3,210,000,000
fine dining brunch70 Low 104,000,000
fine dining mexican restaurants140 Low 35,600,000
fine dining restaurant33100 Low 2,240,000,000
fish restaurant 33100 Low 2,520,000,000
french restaurant135000 Low 2,980,000,000
gluten free foods49500 High 533,000,000
happy hour chinese restaurant20 Low 102,000,000
happy hour restaurants4400 Low 692,000,000
healthy restaurants40500 Low 1,480,000,000
italian american restaurant260 Low 656,000,000
italian food110000 Low 3,320,000,000
italian restaurant1000000 Low 2,980,000,000
jamaican restaurant90500 Low 437,000,000
japanese restaurant368000 Low 2,570,000,000
keto friendly fast food14800 Low 28,600,000
keto friendly restaurants18100 Low 18,500,000
kid friendly restaurants49500 Low 1,570,000,000
kosher restaurants22200 Low 92,900,000
late night food 135000 Low 2,110,000,000
local restaurants60500 Low 3,860,000,000
lunch restaurants74000 Low 1,580,000,000
mediterranean restaurant246000 Low 267,000,000
mexican food happy hour320 Low 123,000,000
mexican restaurants1500000 Low 721,000,000
organic food14800 High 1,020,000,000
places to eat246000 Low 1,610,000,000
restaurant delivery services2900 Medium 2,480,000,000
restaurant games5400 Low 1,300,000,000
restaurants that deliver165000 Low 4,310,000,000
romantic restaurants165000 Low 429,000,000
sandwich restaurants5400 Low 839,000,000
seafood restaurants368000 Low 2,990,000,000
south american restaurant1300 Low 987,000,000
steak restaurant74000 Low 682,000,000
sushi restaurant90500 Low 1,680,000,000
taco bell hours165000 Low 120,000,000
take out restaurants27100 Low 1,690,000,000
tex mex happy hour70 Low 10,600,000
tex mex restaurant135000 Low 67,300,000
vegan restaurants201000 Low 1,570,000,000
vegetarian restaurants135000 Low 1,740,000,000

Find this keyword list useful!

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