Metaverse Marketing ­- What Expert Marketers are Sharing on the Subject

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Metaverse is believed to be the next dimension of the internet, where offline and online merge to create the most interactive, hyper-personalized, and immersive experiences. According to Statista, the global market revenue from Metaverse could hit $678 billion in 2030, from the mere $38.85 billion in 2021. Metaverse is a goldmine and quite possibly a game changer for marketing.

If customers frequent Metaverse, businesses wouldn’t want to alienate that space. They want to leverage Metaverse to create experiences that elevate their branding, engage their audience, and capture their goals. To achieve this, brands would need Metaverse marketing – a strategic and tech-driven approach allowing brands to position themselves better. Let’s learn more about this!

What is Metaverse Digital Marketing?

Metaverse digital marketing is a strategy that enables your business to become an industry leader by leveraging the capabilities of the metaverse. Companies would use the components of the metaverse ecosystem (Web 3.0) to captivate, engage, retain, and create memorable moments for the masses for a chance at higher conversions.

Brands would rely on a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), cryptocurrency, virtual identities (digital avatars), Blockchain, and more. The feature-rich metaverse helps build a dynamic environment of blooming communities and robust infrastructure that gives more opportunities to establish and cement your presence.

Now you might be wondering, what does metaverse mean for marketing? Well, the metaverse opens a whole new world. Brands can use the metaverse assets to evolve their marketing to be more impactful and cohesive. It allows you to create content, advance your standing, and connect with the audience, to advertise the products/services through a collaborative and rewarding experience.

Why is Metaverse Important in Marketing?

Is metaverse a marketing gimmick? No, it isn’t. The better question would be, Is metaverse the future of marketing? Metaverse is the next big thing – Brands want to leverage to create interconnected experiences to offer the best mix of reality and virtual worlds. Placing a billboard ad won’t cut it. Metaverse is where you want to showcase your identity, and here’s why:

Future of marketing: Metaverse is essential because it opens another avenue for brands to explore and influence their customers. As the metaverse universe grows, it will offer more frictionless ways to create unique and top-notch value for your business. The more it flourishes, the more features it’ll gain to make your business outreach more impactful and seamless.

A multitude of options: The metaverse doesn’t pause or sleep when you are away – it’s always active. It provides continued engagement. The fully functional and self-contained ecosystem of the metaverse allows brands to build virtual identities, display ads, use influencers, sell, host peer-to-peer interactions, enable transactions, facilitate user-generated content, and allow world-building.

Consumer-driven: Your target audience will slowly shift to the metaverse environment. Brands may want to exercise their investment options here and slowly deviate away from the generic territories in a phased-out manner. You could even split your marketing dollars and not just focus on one. Last decade, brands moved towards social commerce; the next decade could all be metaverse.

Millennials and GenZ: As we speak, an entirely new generation of metaverse users is taking shape. Gen Z consumers in their mid-20s, flocking into the metaverse, have slowly started to earn. It won’t be long before they use the metaverse to trade their income for visual assets and services. As the traction to metaverse grows, expect to see their transactions becoming more VR-first.

Mix Different platforms: Campaigns flow in and out of the metaverse freely. Metaverse allows brands to combine and create a multi-channel experience. This way, you could transfer or bridge campaigns on other channels onto the metaverse and vice-versa. For example, you take an action on an app to claim a collectable that requires you to complete the process on the metaverse.

Convenience: Metaverse enables a virtual experience that mimics a real-world scenario. Metaverse lets you explore any real estate, just as you would offline. eCommerce and social media don’t facilitate this as much. The metaverse lets users interact, participate, and try items in a virtual shop, sit in a car, interact in a conference room, or view an art installation from anywhere and at any time.

What Top Marketing Experts Have Said about the Future of Metaverse Marketing?

Neil Patel, one of the leading experts in the marketing world, thinks brands can monetize the metaverse through digital merchandise and virtual classes. He quoted “As a second life for users, the metaverse provides an opportunity for marketers to reach their audiences in a new dimension. The metaverse expands the digital footprint to provide a whole new look into their actions and behaviors.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft pointed out, “As the virtual and physical worlds converge, the metaverse comprised of digital twins, simulated environments and mixed reality is emerging as a first-class platform.” he also highlighted the influence of the metaverse on gaming sales, “As games evolve into metaverse economies, we are building new tools to help anyone sell creations on our platform.”

Metaverse expert, Mathew Ball said, “These virtual spaces are where new insurgent brands will use the generational difference in users, the reluctance of today’s giants to move into that space, and the general confusion as to how best to use it to build their brand, to build their reach, to reach a new generation of customers with brand-new products.”

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How do I Promote My Business in the Metaverse?

When it comes to metaverse marketing, the sky’s the limit. If you invest more time and money, you can get more out of the metaverse. Create a world full of content around your domain, host events, partner with influencers, set up your branding at different locations, create collectibles, launch Bitmojis, build a community, start a shop, or do just about anything

What is a metaverse strategy: Getting out into the ecosystem and wetting your feet before your competitors get in is really the metaverse strategy at the outset. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will cement your presence. The learning curve means other businesses will take a while to get acquainted with the intricate and complex details of the metaverse. Get the first-mover advantage!

Metaverse for B2B: B2B businesses can use metaverse to create more humanized and unique experiences. They can use the metaverse to improve collaboration, showcase products, start showrooming, and organize events. Besides, creating advertisements, simplifying remote work, increasing employee productivity, lowering travel costs, selling on the marketplaces that come up here, and much more.

Metaverse marketing for B2C: B2C companies could use the metaverse framework to provide immersive moments that mesmerize users and elevate engagement. B2C brands can leverage gamification, concerts, ad placements, and interactive sessions. They can also opt for outfit tryouts, product launches, celebrity mix-ups, and other tactics to gratify users, reward them, and build loyalty.

What are the Key Components of Metaverse Marketing Strategy?

The fundamental components of the metaverse that makes it happen are as follows:

Mixed Reality: Mixed Reality in the metaverse is what makes it happen. Virtual and Real blend together to create a magnetic and fully-immersive atmosphere for consumers. High-speed connectivity through 5G, headsets, AI, microphones, in-lens displays, cameras, peripheral devices, and your surroundings will help you realize the best of both worlds through endless possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML): When you think about the building blocks of the metaverse, you think of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Brands use AI and ML to get unparalleled insights into their performance in the metaverse. Decision-makers can evaluate various metrics, visualize data, enhance UX, and handle future strategic planning needs.

Internet of things (IoT): IoT allows companies to collect data from the real world and transfer it over to the metaverse for further processing. From extracting weather data to pulling your finances, medical records, or anything else, you would need IoT. Any simulation that comes up in the metaverse is closely tied to the Internet of things (IoT).

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Cryptocurrency, using the underlying principle of blockchain, can facilitate sales in this virtual 3d-first economy. Accepting crypto will allow a free and autonomous way to cash in on the next wave of trade. Crypto integrated into the metaverse will allow a verifiable way to build financial outlets to exchange digital assets between users and businesses.

Summing Up

Metaverse is a paradigm shift in the world of marketing. The Metaverse provides brands with a platform to transform their identity and deliver sustained value. Your business can infuse creativity and incorporate the best of new-age technologies. This will help elevate the standards of your customer conversation, improve conversions, create growth, and build lifetime value in the real world.

Getting started on Metaverse isn’t easy. The setup costs, strategy, security concerns, data privacy gaps, and other challenges make it hard for brands to navigate the space. Metaverse is promising; to experiment and unlock optimum benefit, you need an expert digital marketing company. Reach out to the digital marketing agency, Digital Success, and we’ll carve a tailor-made plan for your brand.

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