Top Blogging Strategy For Your Business in 2022

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Top Blogging Strategy For Your Business in 2022

The year is drawing to a close, and many businesses are preparing for the coming year. But even then, a new blogging strategy may not be one of the items on your to-do list. Nevertheless, it could be just what your business needs going forward.

Chances are you’ve seen a lot of case studies with unbelievable revenues generated by blogs. But you never imagine your business can also. Not making any promises, but everyone can make substantial money from a blog. However, it takes a lot of work, time, and a robust blogging strategy.

By the time you reach the end of this article, you find yourself very well placed to hit all the emerging blogging strategy trends in 2021.

So Let’s Begin

What is a Blogging Strategy?

Your blog plays a vital role in your overall marketing strategy as a business. It serves as an avenue to market your brand, services, and products. But before any blog can complement a business marketing strategy, it also needs marketing.

Thus, a blogging strategy encompasses the steps you take to create, share, and promote the blog’s content. Unlike what you might have heard, the favored approach of “build it, and they will come” doesn’t work with blogging.

So if you intend to drive traffic, convert visitors, boost business revenue, or position your brand as a credible expert or thought leader, your blog needs a strategy.

Some questions your strategy will address include:

  • How will audiences find your blog?
  • What content type will have them returning for more?
  • Which other promotional channels can help elevate your blog content?

It sounds like a lot of work and time, and it is! So one might ask if it’s even worth having an SEO company for blogging strategy in 2022.

So let’s find out.

Why is blogging important in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a space with new trends constantly emerging. Although relatively constant over the past few years, blogging has seen some strategic changes as a marketing element. A blog serves as the perfect outlet for your marketing messages from a content perspective.

If you need any convincing, here are a few other reasons why digital marketing and blogging are a match made in heaven.

  • A blog supports your marketing strategy and helps organize your content under one roof.
  • It can help attract new customers.
  • They can enable your business to nurture a community around your brand and website.
  • Serves as a reputation builder online, which increases your authority in your chosen niche or specialty.
  • A blog can also help you promote products and services directly to users without any middleman.

From a business perspective, blogging is equally lucrative. Let’s find out why.

Why is blogging important for business?

Most companies today have a website. But your site alone may not provide your prospect enough personality, insight, information, and maybe authority to set you apart from the competition. This is where a company blog really shines.

The following are some of the top reasons the most profitable online businesses run blogs.

Blogs help maintain an active relationship with your audience and keep them updated about your company.

  • They serve as long-tail builders and help drive traffic.
  • A blog will also improve internal linking on your business website.
  • They help obtain customer feedback.
  • Blogs are also excellent for building an email database.
  • They help with social exposure for your expertise.
  • A blog can become a knowledge base and valuable resource for teaching customers about your products and services.

What is the future of blogging?

Blogging is evolving. Monetization opportunities are increasing. Unfortunately, the number of the competition is also surging. Therefore, you’ll need the latest and trendiest innovations to make your blog stand out, which are mainly content bots and AI-powered content writing.

By now, everyone knows AI is here to stay, and AI-powered content writing services are an emerging trend in content marketing. These tools help facilitate the writing process and save time. However, some experts expressed concern that articles produced by such services could be inaccurate and lack personality.

Apart from these, several new research, editing, promotional, and content review tools such as Grammarly and Clearscope are now available. Using these, you can polish your articles and make your blogs the best possible quality going forward.

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What Are Blogging Trends For 2022?

The entire web has more than 600 million active blogs, with about 53% of the people behind these blogs between 21 to 35. But that’s not all; among the top 200 Fortune 500 companies, half had business blogs in 2018. The stats show that blogging is still a big deal, and apart from the previously stated AI-powered trend, here are other notable developments in blogging that you should know.

  • AI-powered research: The latest algorithms can spot trending topics and gaps media covered. They help creators develop content for such topics. An excellent example is Frase.
  • Automated marketing – Putting essential marketing and promotional tasks on automation. Businesses can free up time and boost efficiency in their content marketing efforts.

What Should a Blogging Strategy Include?

An effective blogging strategy requires some essential elements to help meet your business goals. These elements include a clear objective, well-defined audience, well-researched keywords, and competitor research. Let’s take a clear look at each.

  • Clear Objective – This is your primary reason for having a blog. The objective outlines the fundamental purpose your blog should fulfill. Hence, you’ll determine its success or failure based on this objective.
  • Well-defined audience – Even if you have a fair idea of the audience you’re targeting, taking your knowledge to the next level is always worth the effort. You want to learn details like where your audience spends time online, the types of content that interest them, and their purchase decisions.
  • Well-researched keywords – If you the in-depth knowledge of your target audience, you can now find out what they search online and the words they use. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush are readily available.
  • Competitor research – Finally, your strategy should consider the moves your competitors are making, and they will affect your efforts. You can find content gaps and offer your prospects better value this way.

What are six steps to an effective blogging strategy?

Time to get your blogging strategy off the ground. The steps you need to take can be broken down into six phases, assuming you start a new blog. However, if your business already has an up and running blog, each step can still help.

1.    Determine a Realistic Time Scale

Time is the first resource every blog needs, and you need to determine how long you’re willing to devote to growing it. You’re looking at several years before you can make any consideration money from the blog. But it’s different if you’re an established brand with a large following.

2.    Determine Your Unique Selling Point

This relates to the call to action, products, topics, and values your blog will represent. It’s vital to make such things clear from the get-go. Alerting your audience to what your business will offer through a corporate blog that competitors don’t can mean a big leg up on the competition.

3.    Define Your Posting Frequency

Blogging is about the regular posting of articles. But this can mean different things to different companies depending on customers’ demands. So, it’s your job to determine the schedule of the works for your audience and how to keep your readers, followers, and customers engaged. According to studies, 11 posts each month is best, to begin with.

4.    Research Relevant Keywords

Every business has a niche and industry. Conducting broad and narrow keyword research will help you discover every primary and related keyword relevant to your company. This will help you cover the suitable topics and develop the right content ideas later down the line.

5.    Create a Content Calendar

Your content calendar summarizes the upcoming content you will publish and the specific dates they’ll go online. Using this calendar will help you think strategically about blog post ideas and the writing process. It’s beneficial when you have multiple writers working on your blog or when you’re working with any third-party content marketing services.

6.    Craft a Monetization Strategy

Not every business monetizes its corporate blog, but it’s certainly worth including in the books for future use. First, this could mean placing your products and services through native ads and integrating landing pages links into your blog. However, you take things a step further with the following blog monetization channels.

  • The use of affiliate marketing
  • Running different ads
  • Posting sponsored content
  • Developing and selling virtual products like online courses

Your blogging strategy won’t be perfect on the first try. But you’ll have lots of time to improve and adjust it in 2022.

Need Help with Blogging Strategy in 2022?

If you’ve made it this far, then you know the power of running a profitable blog for your business. The guidelines covered in this article are enough to set your business up to start reaping the rewards of blogging. But of course, content marketing services also exist for the same purpose. You can begin researching useful keywords and topics, writing high-quality SEO-friendly content, and publishing blogs consistent with the right strategy.

Get in touch today if you need a specialized hand with any aspects of your blogging strategy, and watch your brand fly.

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