How will Artificial Intelligence boost a more intelligent SEO future?

By Kate John
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It was back in 1940s that Search Engine Optimization or SEO came into being. There were a few hundred websites then. Fast forward to today’s time and age, there are a billion websites and the subject of SEO is more complicated than ever. There are breakthroughs in every field and SEO is no exception. You must have already heard enough about Artificial Intelligence or AI. There are chances that you might have heard that AI will have an impact on SEO. I will try and explain how AI will impact SEO.

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AI gives you algorithms that can help determine the best results. User behavior, intent, content, links and citations are critical inputs that AI uses.

Google has made it clear that users are their focus area. There is a lot of focus on giving relevant content to users with semantics savvy AI and penalty systems. One of the recent examples of this is RankBrain (i.e. Google’s machine learning AI algorithm). It is a helpful technique during competitive times as it helps to display the most related method for your website

It is one of key reasons for marketers to switch from keyword-based content to concept or context-based content. AI is used extensively for ads targeting, i.e. to decide if the content is relevant or not. It also helps to understand the customer segments to aid in cross-selling, streamlining ads campaigns and assessing the emotional values that can drive the maximum effect on the targeted market.

3 categories of AI

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence – used for specific things. It is used for different online activities (such as how client’s junk mails might work along with IBM’s Watson and Google Translate).
  • Artificial General Intelligence – used when AI achieves human like feats.
  • Artificial Super Intelligence – used when AI achieves more than human capabilities

How will AI impact SEO?

·         User intent

Keywords are still important (as the give a hint on the information that users seek). If you monitor user behavior, however, it enables search engines to give more precise results. It gives an insight into user intent. Algorithms will get more intelligent over time and more relevant to the user who is searching for content. Marketers will study the path that users undertake to engage with a brand and use it as a guide to personalize their user experience.

AI will help you think more like your customers.

·         Real-time data

There is a lot of data available to marketers, which is critical to increase search marketing techniques. Unfortunately, the challenge is that there is access to too much data. Humans are not efficient to process so much data quickly. AI can aggregate data accurately (even real-time data) and can analyze it precisely. In the future, AI will be able to completely process and supervise the data completely.

If you wish to stay ahead of the curve, you need to immediately improve your data leverage with AI techniques for SEO data processing.

·         Improved branding

Search engines learn with the help of AI (the level of your engagement is decisive for search engines). Keywords, content, page quality score (bounce rate, links clicked on a page and level of user interaction) and links clicked are critical factors to strengthen your online presence and brand.

It is best if the website content can address the user queries. Search engines reward your website if your content strategy and user interface work in unison.

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·         Improved local search

One of the biggest areas where AI will have an impact when it comes to search results is user location search on mobile devices. To benefit from local search results, you should immediately look for ways to improve your local search.

If your SEO marketer can add local citations and reviews for your business, it can drastically improve your chances of getting pushed up in search results. If you have more positive interactions, you will have more attention from Google’s algorithm.

·         Be specific

If search engines are not able to understand the products/service that you offer, then your website content is vague. If your business has too many offerings, it may get challenging to send a clear message to search engines. Focus on your specializations and highlight your differentiators, this is how you can attract traffic from AI-based algorithms.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the AI-related information, worry not. Digital Success Agency has a team of SEO experts who have extensively interacted and received training from AI professionals. It is time that you embraced a future that is AI enabled, which will help you understand your customers better and give them improved user experience. Our team can help you devise a SEO strategy that is AI and future ready and help you lead the curve. Talk to our experts today.

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