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5 Threats to Your Brand’s Online Presence and How to Overcome Them

By Guest Blogger
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The Internet is full of possibilities to develop your brand, gain new customers and become more popular on your local market. Constant improvements to your online presence have become a kind of a survival tactic for most marketers. They just keep producing content, making links and throwing money for paid advertisement, without considering that all these chaotic actions actually make them vulnerable. In order to have a successful brand with a strong and positive online presence, first you need to assess all the threats on your way to success. Only after evaluating and avoiding them, you will be able to see actual growth from your online marketing efforts. Here are a few pointers.


1. Spammy links to your site

This is one of the main issues online marketers face. The rich backlink profile of your website is pivotal to your good rankings in search engines. However, it also matters how you get the links – if they are coming from high quality sources, or just some spammy directories nobody cares about. Don’t get me wrong, having your business listed in various directories can be helpful, but it’s not everything. The excess of this type of links will act as a warning to search engines that your website is not so good after all. This is why you should observe your backlink profile closely. Find out who links to you and how, and remove low quality links that may harm you. A common misconception is that links from foreign websites are always spammy. But the truth is, that it depends on the link – if it’s just some blog sharing some resource from your website or someone giving you credit, then it’s fine. However, if the links are located in spammy comments or seem made by bots, then you might have a problem.


2. Negative reviews

Most business owners are painfully familiar with those. The first negative review you get always feels like the end of the world. Then comes the second and the third one, and after some time you start to feel indifferent about them. Negative reviews can’t be escaped, especially when you know that a client is much more motivated to write a review when the experience is bad. Happy clients just keep being happy, they don’t feel the need to write it down somewhere. The big issue is how you deal with those reviews. Not responding to them and pretending they don’t exist is not an option. Each review has to be answered, the case checked, and the situation needs to be mended, if possible. This way your clients will know that you care, some of those negative reviews can be turned into positive ones, and our online reputation can only gain from that. We all make mistakes; the important part is to take responsibility for them.

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3. Poorly maintained social media accounts

Everything is on social media today, even your favourite supermarket. Having properly maintained profiles in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can really help businesses get closer to their clients. However, creating a page and posting something in it is not enough. You need to explore and exploit all the options your social profiles can get you. For a couple of dollars extra you can gain more exposure, advertise your products and services to your target audiences, and gain new connections. Facebook groups, for instance, have proven to be a great place to distribute your content. Remember to use social media marketing the smart way, be consistent and engage with your readers.

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4. The rise of paid media

Getting your brand ranked in Google’s organic results meant great exposure 5 years ago. But a lot has changed since then. Today, with the rise of paid media in the face of PPC, social media ads and all the other options we have out there, ranking in organic doesn’t guarantee your online presence will improve much. Nowadays 1 PPC ad takes at least 3 times more space in the results page, compared to 10 years ago. And studies show, that things won’t get better for organic-only rankers. Pay Per Click is already taking over the results pages, with 4 giant ads on top of organic results, and soon there will be 4 ads in the bottom of the pages also (it’s already happening in some SERPs, they are testing). Let’s not mention that they have also now started putting ads in local results too. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid that, since it’s a billion-dollar industry. The only way to overcome this difficulty for your brand’s online presence, is to get on board and start exploring the most suitable and profitable paid advertisement options for your business. It’s quite the investment, but if you do everything right, it should pay off in the long term.

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5. You’re not mobile friendly

Studies prove that over 70% of the online searches are performed on mobile devices. Therefore, if you want to advertise your products and services online, you need to be where people are searching for you. Many of the big companies lately are shifting their websites to a mobile-first model of work, which means that the primary device their websites are designed for is mobile. Progressive web apps, which load content on your phone even when you’re offline, are also gaining lots of popularity lately. The smaller businesses are still catching up to the tendency, so you can be one of the firsts!

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Jane Wilson is the digital marketing manager of Fantastic Cleaners – Melbourne, a licensed provider of cleaning services on the local market. Managing a company, which advertises their services primarily online, she knows how important it is to keep a meticulous online presence.

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