Will Google Continue to Dominate Search in Post Chat GPT World, How? Top Upcoming Features of Google in 2023

By Pradeep
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As far as search engines are concerned, Google has long been the king. Even today, over 90% of searches are done on Google.

A lot of this is due to the company’s focus on search and algorithms. But the rise of new technologies, such as ChatGPT, has left many wondering if Google’s dominance will come to an end. Will this monopoly end in the post-ChatGPT world?

As part of this article, we will explore the latest features Google has implemented/plans on releasing (in 2023) and how they may help the company gain an edge over its competitors.

Google’s New Features in 2023

In the past few years, Google has made tremendous strides in digital technology, from machine learning algorithms to natural language processing, and is also considered the most advanced search engine in the world. But in the wake of ChatGPT, the landscape of search is rapidly changing. To stay ahead of the competition, Google has announced several new features that will shape the search engine market over the next few years.

1. Multi-Search Feature

The Multi-Search feature is one of the latest additions to Google’s search capabilities. This feature allows users to view search results from different categories on a single page, providing an efficient way to get the information they need quickly.

Benefits of the Multi-Search Feature

  • It saves time and effort. Before the introduction of this feature, users had to navigate through multiple search results pages to find the information they needed. With Multi-Search, users can view different categories of results on a single page, making the search process much more streamlined.
  • It provides a more comprehensive search experience. Instead of relying solely on text-based search results, users can also view images, videos, and maps, which can provide a more complete understanding of the search query.

How Multisearch Gives Google an Advantage over AI-based technologies like ChatGPT

  • The Multi-Search feature provides Google with a significant advantage over AI-based technologies like ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can answer complex questions, it lacks the ability to provide a comprehensive search experience. The Multi-Search feature, on the other hand, provides users with a complete view of their search query, including images, videos, and maps, making it a more valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike.
  • According to a study conducted by Google, search queries with multiple search types have increased by 80% over the past two years. This shows that users are increasingly looking for a more comprehensive search experience. The Multi-Search feature is Google’s response to this trend, and it is clear that it is resonating with users.

How does Google Multisearch work? 

Let’s take a look at how you can use multi-search to help with your visual needs, including style and home decor questions.

1. To get started, simply open up the Google app on Android or iOS, tap the Lens camera icon, and either search for one of your screenshots or snap a photo you spot – like the stylish furniture at the local cafe!

2. Then, swipe up and tap the “+ Add to your search” button to add text, and let’s say “beige” here….
And voila! You get results of furniture similar to your local cafe’s, but in the color that you wanted. You just searched with a picture and text at the same time!

Key takeaway(s)

  • The Multi-Search feature’s ability to display search results from different categories on a single page gives Google a clear advantage over AI-based technologies like ChatGPT.
  • The Multi-Search feature is an excellent tool for businesses and individuals alike, as it allows for more accurate and personalized search results.

2. Google Maps New Features

Google Maps has always been a reliable tool for navigation, and it continues to get better with each passing year. In 2023, Google Maps is doing some significant updates, enhancing the user experience and giving businesses more tools to engage with their customers.

The future of Google Maps – an immersive, intuitive map that reimagines how you explore and navigate, while helping you make more sustainable choices.” – Chris Phillips, VP & General Manager, Geo

What are the New Features on Google Maps and Their Benefits

  • The “Eco-Friendly Routes”- This feature aims to reduce carbon emissions by suggesting routes with lower carbon footprints. It provides information on the amount of CO2 emissions associated with each route, allowing users to choose the most eco-friendly option.
  • The new “Indoor Maps”- Businesses can benefit significantly from this feature on Google Maps. This feature allows businesses to create and upload indoor maps of their buildings, making it easier for customers to navigate within the building. Indoor Maps also allows businesses to add information such as product inventory, store hours, and promotions, making it a powerful marketing tool.
  • The “Immersive View” feature- One of the most exciting features coming to Google Maps is called Immersive View, which uses AI and computer vision to create 3D models of various places! This feature uses augmented reality (AR) to provide a more immersive experience to users. It allows users to virtually explore a place and view information about it, including weather, traffic, and crowds. With the help of neural radiance fields, the feature recreates the full context of a place, such as its lighting and texture, making it easier for users to decide on places to visit.

Immersive View is currently rolling out in select cities and will be available in more locations in the coming months [Source: Google’s Blog].

How it can Help Businesses Promote Their Services

  • These new features coming to Google Maps will significantly benefit businesses by providing them with more tools to engage with their customers.
  • The ability to upload indoor maps, promote eco-friendly routes, and provide real-time updates on popular times can make a significant impact on a business’s bottom line.
  • By taking advantage of these features, businesses can increase their visibility and attract more customers in a competitive online marketplace.


Google’s BARD AI (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a new chatbot system that has been developed to improve user interaction with Google’s search engine. BARD is a conversational AI that uses natural language processing to interpret user queries and provide helpful responses.

Unlike previous Google chatbots that could only answer pre-set questions, BARD can handle complex queries that require multiple steps to complete. This makes BARD a highly useful tool for businesses that want to engage their customers in a personalized and interactive way.

More about the Chatbot and its Benefits

  • One of the key benefits of BARD is its ability to learn and adapt to user behavior. This means that over time, BARD will become more effective at anticipating and responding to user queries, resulting in faster and more accurate search results.
  • BARD is also capable of handling multi-turn conversations, meaning it can provide more in-depth responses to complex queries.

How it is Different from ChatGPT

  • One key difference between BARD and ChatGPT is the level of personalization that BARD offers. While ChatGPT is a more generalized AI tool, BARD is designed specifically for use with Google search. This means that BARD can offer more tailored responses that are specific to the user’s search query.
  • BARD’s ability to handle multi-turn conversations also gives it an advantage over ChatGPT, which may struggle to maintain context over a long conversation.
  • BARD represents an exciting new development in AI chatbot technology. By providing more personalized and interactive search results, BARD has the potential to revolutionize the way that users interact with Google’s search engine.

“Bard can be an outlet for creativity, and a launchpad for curiosity, helping you to explain new discoveries from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to a 9-year-old or learn more about the best strikers in football right now, and then get drills to build your skills.” [Source: Sundar Pichai’s post Introducing Bard]

Google vs ChatGPT and Bing

While competition from ChatGPT and Bing remains, Google’s new features give it a significant advantage over its rivals. For example, Multisearch allows users to quickly compare and contrast search results from multiple sources, making it easier to find the information they need. Meanwhile, Google Maps’ new features enable businesses to showcase their services in more detail, helping them stand out to potential customers.

Overall, when compared to ChatGPT and Bing, Google’s new features provide users with a more comprehensive and personalized search experience, making it easier for businesses to promote their services by offering more tangible benefits for businesses and users alike. While ChatGPT may excel at generating natural-sounding responses to queries, it lacks the specific features that Google provides, such as Maps and Multisearch. Similarly, while Bing has made strides in recent years by trying to improve its search engine capabilities, including its visual search feature, it still lags behind Google in terms of market share and overall feature set.

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With the introduction of its latest features, Google has demonstrated its dedication to providing users with the most comprehensive and relevant search results.

Google’s continuous development and release of new features demonstrate its commitment to staying ahead in the search engine market. The company’s new features provide businesses with opportunities to improve their online presence and increase their visibility to potential customers. As a result, businesses should take advantage of these features to maximize their digital marketing efforts.

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