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4 Content Marketing hacks to double your leads

By Chetan Saxena
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You probably have a well-planned content marketing plan but you’re still not able to generate leads. Persuasion or a tempting offer, what is it that can make your content marketing efforts pay off? We take a dive into some practical content marketing leads that can help you grow your leads multifold.


Everywhere you read, there seems to be a unanimous view about content being the main driver for sales to happen in your business. You need fresh, original and relevant content, at all times, to yield results. Search for effective content marketing strategy and almost all the results will tell you to create the ‘right’ content. Every business is different and has unique needs. How can you create the right content marketing punch for your business to attract leads? What is the most effective hack to pull potential clients?


Since it worked for our agency, we give you 4 content marketing hacks to start generating leads.


  1. Have a clear ‘call to action’

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Most of the times, the readers are not sure what they will receive if they were to sign up or subscribe. One has to write clear call to actions, for example, subscribe now to get blog updates or Sign-up here to get the latest technology news. If you make it specific (for example include a freebie or a discount or a free trial), chances are that the sign-ups will be higher. If you offer something in return, the reader is tempted to give a shot to your service/ offering (for example, Download eBook in the image above).


  1. Let your social media posts lead to your website

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You have to ensure that your social media posts lead to your website. Most of the action should not be limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media channels. These channels will generate leads if you provide links to your website. The purpose of the social presence should be to nurture the relation between social media and website. You need to nurture a connection between your website and social media channels. For example, if you’re running a contest, keep something extra for the people who sign up on your website.


  1. Ensure that your landing pages are responsive

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Lead generation and landing pages are closely associated. In fact, landing pages are critical to capture first-time leads and transform them into repeat visitors. Unfortunately, the tendency is to make landing pages that are too salesy. The pages need to be responsive, clear and simple. The message should be coherent. Remember that landing pages are only meant to capture leads so create your content with that in your mind.


  1. Keep your headlines powerful and full of action

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Your headline is something that can draw the maximum attention. Your intent, with the headline, is to evoke people to take an action and make them click. Experts believe that strong headlines can be crucial to generate targeted leads. More than 70% people make their buying decisions after reading the headlines. You have to ensure that use of verbs in your blog titles, social media posts, and guest posts add muscle to your content. Some examples of such verbs are – change, boost, attack, focus, increase, nurture, grow, etc. Don’t add those verbs just for the heck of it. Your content needs to make sense as well.


You can write great content but if it doesn’t generate leads, it’s not helping your business grow. If you wish some more hacks on lead generation, you can get in touch with one of our experts today.



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