50 Dental keywords you should not miss out to grow your business in 2020

By Pradeep
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50 Dental Keywords You Should Not Miss Out To Grow Your Business in 2020

Dentistry is an essential service and during this ongoing pandemic, people have been increasingly relying on the internet to look and book online for such services. It has, therefore, become crucial for service providers to make themselves easy to found by their potential customers.

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Most people use search engines like Google to find a dentist.

You need to make sure that your website ranks at the top of the search results for the dental service you and your team provide.

To be at the top or at least on the first page of Google result page you should leverage search engine optimization.

Keyword research which is basically picking and focusing the right set of keywords is the first step of any successful search engine optimization campaign.

A good keyword list also creates a strong foundation for other SEO tasks, like finding content topics for blogs, on-page SEO, link outreach, and content promotion, etc.

Doing keyword research on your own would include reading article/blogs, watching various videos on the net to gather an understanding on how to perform keyword research and also learning how to efficiently use the keyword research tools which are present in the market.

Dental keywords
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To make your task easier, we provide a list of most popular US search keywords that you can plan to focus on and thrive in your business online.

The following list has 50 most popular mixed competition keywords targeting US-based business of dentistry.

Keyword Search Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search results)
affordable dentures110000 Medium 8,850,000
aspen dental clinic590 Medium 7,720,000
children dental care1000 Low 373,000,000
cosmetic dental bonding390 Medium 9,470,000
cosmetic dental care260 Low 153,000,000
cosmetic dental clinic260 Low 73,200,000
cosmetic dental treatment110 Low 79,800,000
cosmetic dentistry40500 Low 526,000,000
cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening90 Low 29,100,000
cosmetic dentistry veneers390 Medium 19,400,000
cosmetic dentistry whitening70 Low 28,000,000
cosmetic teeth whitening590 High 35,800,000
dental assistant60500 Medium 246,000,000
dental care14800 Low 716,000,000
dental care center14800 Low 716,000,000
dental care clinic90 Low 373,000,000
dental cleaning8100 Medium 964,000,000
dental clinic40500 Low 1,890,000,000
dental implant clinic70 Medium 36,500,000
dental makeover320 Medium 19,400,000
dental orthodontics880 Medium 27,000,000
dental professionals2400 Low 263,000,000
dental specialist8100 Low 249,000,000
dentistry for children74000 Low 195,000,000
denturist6600 Low 869,000
emergency dental care14800 Medium 493,000,000
emergency dental treatment110 Medium 297,000,000
emergency dentist110000 Medium 165,000,000
emergency tooth extraction5400 Medium 16,200,000
family and cosmetic dentistry1600 Low 96,700,000
family cosmetic dentistry1000 Low 98,100,000
family dental care8100 Low 526,000,000
family dental services390 Low 634,000,000
family dentistry74000 Low 1,150,000,000
general and cosmetic dentistry210 Low 95,300,000
general dental care50 Low 670,000,000
general dentistry14800 Low 167,000,000
laser dentistry9900 Low 39,900,000
laser teeth whitening5400 High 13,500,000
oral sedation dentistry1000 Low 11,300,000
partial dentures22200 High 10,500,000
pediatric dentist165000 Low 1,320,000,000
permanent dentures5400 Medium 15,100,000
smile makeover2900 Low 564,000,000
teeth alignment treatment10 High 9,350,000
teeth whitening dentist12100 Medium 60,700,000
teeth whitening system880 High 14,600,000
teeth whitening treatment880 High 45,800,000
urgent care dental clinic110 Medium 36,600,000
wisdom tooth extraction18100 Low 23,500,000

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