Have You Yet Tried These Much-hyped Law Firm Digital Marketing Tactics Recommended by The Experts?

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Have You Yet Tried These Much-hyped Law Firm Digital Marketing Tactics Recommended by The Experts?

To keep running and delivering legal services to your clients in 2022, your law business will most likely have to make a lot of adjustments that you didn’t expect.

Last year, we all had to find new methods of doing things, and we’ll most likely have to do so again in 2022. Despite this, businesses have continued to benefit from digital marketing, which is now more crucial than ever.

In 2022, here are some digital marketing methods and tactics that your legal company should employ.

But before getting to these tactics, let’s answer some of the pressing questions surrounding digital marketing for law agencies.

How to improve my law firm marketing with digital marketing?

The initial step to improving your marketing is documenting your strategy since this builds the foundation for all future marketing tactics. It’s the framework that will assist you in identifying your objectives and the tactics you’ll utilize to achieve them.

Ultimately, you’ll achieve the following benefits:

  • Position your agency as an industry leader in the field of family law in your community.
  • Make your firm the obvious choice for child custody issues in your area.
  • Ascertain that the firm’s internet presence and messaging are in sync with its real-world prominence.
  • Leverage your website audience and content readers to generate marketing leads/followers.
  • Create new sales leads and potential clients in your area.

You can focus exact actions and real-world campaigns to attain each goal by being detailed.

What are some effective law firm marketing strategies?

You should always look for results when selecting an effective law marketing strategy. As such, some proven strategies include the following:

  • Launching email marketing campaigns
  • Law firm social media marketing
  • Produce webinars and videos for your target audience

Ultimately, you want to approach marketing in today’s attention-deficit economy without interrupting your audience; instead, position your law firm as a thought leader.

Why do lawyers need digital marketing?

Lawyers can use online marketing to increase awareness of their company and its practice groups and generate new business opportunities from prospects and existing clients.

But perhaps nothing displays the need for a digital marketing agency for law firms like the data shown below.

  • Consumers search for a lawyer on their own 57 percent of the time, and many of them do it online.
  • Sixty-six percent of solo lawyers handle their marketing.
  • Only 46% of law firms spend money on marketing.
  • According to 13% of businesses, “no one” is in charge of marketing.

Now continue reading to understand how to begin on the right track to attracting new clients and expanding your legal firm. You’ll also learn how to link the numerous moving aspects of web marketing to your big-picture aim of ROI.

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Top 9 Legal Firm Marketing Tactics to Implement Today

1.    Become Mobile-Friendly

It’s impossible to discuss digital marketing without mentioning the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website. Finally, if your website does not assist mobile consumers, any modifications you make will be ineffective.

Anyone without a mobile-friendly website is already behind, and as Google shifted to a mobile-first index in 2021, this will only worsen. You’ve may have browsed a website on your phone that wasn’t mobile-friendly, so you understand how frustrating this can be.

This can quickly create a sense of suspicion, especially when looking for something as crucial as legal help or a confidential audience from a lawyer you need to trust.

2.    Redefine Your Brand

The first place you should start improving your digital marketing efforts in the new year is with your brand. Nothing else you do can yield many benefits if you don’t have a strong brand.

This is about more than just changing your logo; it is also crucial.

Your brand is how you want the public to perceive your law firm, and it’s one of the ways you reach out to potential customers. Law firms practicing the same type of law can appear identical, especially to those who have never looked for lawyers before.

Your law firm offers a distinct value proposition, but from the outside, it may appear to be just like any other law practice in the area.

To show the uniqueness of your firm, you’ll need to use digital marketing and effective branding.

3.    Optimize Page Based on Areas of Expertise

You must ensure that your website contains all of the information that potential clients may require. You could be able to assist clients in a variety of legal topics at your law practice. Any service you may offer to consumers should be listed on your website and easily accessible to visitors.

Perhaps you already have a complete website that covers everything you have to offer, but is it SEO-friendly?

If you don’t, things may go to waste, and all of your hard work will be for naught. Ensure all website pages have valuable information about your services and is SEO-friendly to attract the visitors you require.

4.    Publish Consistent and Frequent Content

Whatever form of law you practice, you recognize that your clients face a difficult situation and that the assistance they receive will significantly impact their lives. Most people will conduct extensive research before deciding on the finest law firm for them.

According to a study conducted in 2020, 86 percent of those polled stated they would use Google to search for a lawyer online. The second-largest percentage of respondents, 9 percent, said they would use Yelp reviews. Because so many individuals search for law firms online, you must be prepared to demonstrate to potential clients that you can assist them.

Producing material for your law company that answers all of their inquiries is the greatest method to do this. You probably already know the types of questions your clients are likely to have, but you need to be the resource they turn to for answers.

5.    Adopt Email Marketing

It’s critical to stay in touch with potential clients as much as possible. Utilizing email marketing can ensure that you remain in their minds when they consider what assistance they require. A newsletter is an excellent method to disseminate all of the fantastic stuff your legal business produces.

Newsletters are also a terrific method to offer content and information relevant to your potential clients’ specific circumstances and keep it personal without having to do so individually.

As you know, prospective clients do not require the same level of help. Not everyone is on the same page regarding whether or not they’re willing to collaborate with you. Divide your email list into groups rather than sending the same email to all possible clients.

6.    Starting Using Social Media

Every company requires a strong social media presence, and you don’t need to set up accounts on all social media sites. Consider which platforms your target audience prefers to prevent wasting time and effort on sites that won’t help you succeed.

According to the survey I mentioned earlier, the most popular venues for researching and engaging with legal firms online were Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

A law company that does not have a presence on these platforms is missing out on many businesses. You should have a Facebook page for your law practice, but you should also have a LinkedIn account and possibly Twitter and Instagram accounts. Being active on the proper channels might help your legal practice get traction.

7.    Exploit PPC Advertisements

Using a legal digital marketing agency can help you increase organic traffic, but you can do more to it.

You may broaden your audience and reach even more people with paid ads than you could otherwise. With this, you have access to a broader audience and determine your target audience, ensuring that the correct people are exposed to your law business. While PPC advertising can effectively bring in new visitors, they are also a good fit for any digital marketing budget.

8.    Use Legal Directories

For law companies, legal directories are a valuable internet marketing resource. Getting your law practice listed in digital legal directories has several advantages, and it’s pretty simple to achieve.

It’s crucial to be listed in directories because they’re a trusted source of information for potential clients. On the other hand, directories offer some SEO benefits that will complement the rest of your digital marketing efforts.

You want your legal practice to come up first when people search for lawyers in your area. Search engines need to know where you are for this to happen, and local listings in directories are one means of doing so.

Claiming your listing in any of these directories will also aid in link development, a crucial aspect of SEO. These listings guarantee that you’ll receive backlinks from websites with high authority.

9.    Display Social Proof

According to recent research, a remarkable 98 percent of respondents believe evaluations are important when analyzing law firms.

When it comes to finding those reviews, 98 percent of respondents stated they would go to Google first. Then Yelp, Facebook, and Avvo would be used by 69 percent, 35 percent, and 13 percent, respectively. As a result, positive evaluations can carry more weight than many other marketing strategies.


It’s tough to forecast law firm marketing methods and trends, but the topics listed above represent the most important ones that major law firms will use to grow their client base in 2022.

Maybe you have some additional lawful marketing strategies that are about to take off.

We’d be interested in hearing about them.

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