Coronavirus – The Bad, Ugly, Good and Great!

By Prasoon Gupta
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Coronavirus – The Bad, Ugly, Good and Great!

History has taught us that change is the only permanent thing here. Even in such times of uncertainty, let us all hold on to the question of when, and and instead of being just a mute spectator, prepare for one more great leap forward. Only, this time it is for the entire world together!

Q1 of the 2020 – Unfurling of the “BAD”

COVID-19 or Coronavirus – What to fear more, present or imminent future!

COVID -19 pandemic has affected thousands of lives across the globe. Apparently, the whole of the world’s economy is almost stalled for an unforeseeable future.

Since its announcement as a global pandemic by WHO during Jan 2020, the Q1 of the world`s calendar is stamped with its dark footprint all over, creeping its way through every nuke and corner of the globe!

In such times, equal, if not more damage is expected from the looming economic slump rather than from the Coronavirus itself. That’s your ugly!

It is going to be more so, because the modern humans of the capitalist era have conditioned themselves relying on the economic engine so much, and for so long, that they are afraid of, and perhaps have become less immune to the scarcity of any sort.

An extended scarcity of “any modern stuff” to which we humans are addicted could prove fatal to the whole society since we have long lost our ability to be fine with less of anything! Be it food, gadget, vehicle, clothing, you name it! We need plenty to stay well.

Simply putting, our real fear is a future, where it comes to living a life with lesser means and stuff. Compromising is tough!

Where are we Heading? – The Probable “UGLY”!

A few sectors will witness the worst, but experts also suggest that no corner would go unaffected by this forthcoming economic shock.

According to a report from McKinsey & Company, it could take 2023 until the US and Eurozone could recover from the impact of COVID-19.

In a report presented here, the impact on the US economy is estimated to be even greater than the ww2!

And some dare to go beyond and suggest an impending crisis could even leave the 2008 crash to look puny.

In another report, the EIU boldly predicts that half of the global population will be infected by the Coronavirus!

The ugliest announcement probably, is one made here, the POTUS recently called Americans to brace for worrying times ahead, as the White House has projected ~ 100,000 to 240,000 deaths!

About Time and Space COVID-19 has Created– Exhuming the Hidden Good!

Effect on humans’ psyche!

As would hold true with any other kind of tragedy of this scale, evidently, the COVID-19 crisis has also induced a mass humanizing effect. A common enemy to the whole mankind has got immense potential to unite the people with differences otherwise!

People are together in this; social media platforms are flooded with tips and masses showering empathies for every other human being. Truly an unprecedented unity against a common enemy!

With millions of people affected now, probably, there is no parallel to this disease, ever experienced, in the lifetimes of our current living generation.

Some of us would see this as an opportunity to introspect, and discover greater meanings in their life, perhaps about dropping the unnecessary baggage of all sort, and living life more enthusiastically, filled with greater gratitude, all while witnessing this grand futility of collective human-made schemes!

As preventive measures to COVID-19 spread, the mass lockdowns have compelled people to stay and work from home, thus also offering them respite from being a salve to 9-5 clock, static lanes, and traffic lights.

Working from home has also enabled masses to spend more time with their families and loved ones, this togetherness is also bringing in a surge of certain emotions and feelings in the individuals.  

People are seen clapping and cheering for the frontline fighters like doctors, cops, and cleaning workers, and showing care for the elderly and those in need, feeding animals and whatnot.  

And these emotions and feelings of love and care, we all know, carry immense healing and cleansing potential.   

Happier Non-Human Entities – The Greater “GOOD”

Most of us would agree and appreciate the fact that despite being the #1 villain right now facing mankind, surprisingly, this COVID-19 crisis has also brought a healing break time for the mother nature and rest of the animal kingdom.

Nature Healing or Resetting in the absence of Human Intervention  

Reports are that pollution levels have gone down across the lockdown zones of the world, both water and air is becoming clearer everywhere, task humans were unable to accomplish even after investing billions of $$ and decades of time & research.   

The health benefit gained by clearer skies and water is sure to cheer up those of us who were affected the most. The denizens of heavily industrialized and concentrated zones.  

Animals are Becoming Cheerful!

People are also noticing and reporting that animal kingdom is actually enjoying this phase of mass human lockdown, many endangered species were found to be roaming around in the deserted cities, people are noticing a louder chirping of birds in the absence of all noise-making machines of humans!

Internet: The “GREAT” Savior of Mankind

Let us all imagine for a second, what if COVID-19 happened and there was no internet available. No Information technology of any sort!

No one could possibly imagine that as it is beyond the present average humans’ cerebral capacity, right?

We all would agree and greatly appreciate this one fact, that every good thing we have been able to still preserve while thousands are dead, due to the infection by a deadly virus is just because we have got internet with us.

Salutation and heartfelt gratitude to the inventors and great people, who gifted us this true “Savior of the Mankind ”.

People are still able to support, work and keep essentials running using the internet!

People are still able to help other people and stay connected using the internet!

People are still able to transmit essential information-dependent services using the internet!

People can dispense financial resources and save lives using the internet!

People are still enjoying time and are less distressed as all kind of entertainment and “virtual fun” is handy, courtesy, internet!

The overall pain COVID-19 crisis could have possibly afflicted on humanity until now is less severed by the Internet.  

And it is the internet that will be instrumental in salvaging humanity through this COVID-19 crisis.

A surge in Internet usage during COVID-19 – Could be our Leap into Greatness again!

All this time, humanity is facing COVID-19, there has been a global surge in internet usage, at some places the internet usage is up by more than 70%.

The streaming of multimedia content is up by so many percentages that the global streaming providers have to step in and collaborate with network operators to prevent the internet from breaking down.

Social media activity has grown immensely in most of the world. Perhaps this is the only way some could stay connected with their loving ones.

People are searching more for work from jobs than ever before, almost 262% more than earlier, recruiters should pay attention!

Healthcare is being digitally dispensed, healthcare is the most significant beneficiary of Internet in such pressing times!

Banking is still alive using virtual digital interfaces, more technology is bound to take over dispensing financial services in future

People under self-quarantine or mandated locked-down and not working are utilizing the spare time to learning new skills and upgrading themselves and hence E-education sector is tapping on this opportunity and is on a hiring spree at some places.

Most of the organizations have also structured themselves to allow their manpower to work from their home for extended times. Others are tasting it for the first time, and they are loving it!

A lot of expert advice is populating the internet forums and tons of  blogs about working from home during COVID-19 have mushroomed everywhere in past few weeks, seems whole of the world is considering work from home to be a real thing seriously

Some are even predicting that working from home can become commonplace for many sectors owing to its immense benefits. And technology stocks are all mostly unaffected indicating the future is bright for all of them.  

 Stay invested. Embrace Technology. Stay relevant & Flourish into the “GREATNESS!

The whole of humanity as we are witnessing is spending an unprecedented amount of time on the internet than it ever has. Indicating, that the future is going to be a one, which has the internet and digital technology more intertwined with individual lives.

Such times of significant transitions unveil massive opportunities for businesses and people alike.

Economic experts and gurus of the planet have long advised businesses of all sizes to stay invested in technology and digital tools as these are going to better equip your organization to combat upcoming challenges.

Technology improves resilience to such a crisis. It is the technology that would help businesses and people recover faster.

Those businesses who have not thought about this until yet, this is the time to work on strengthening, stay competitive and relevant in the times ahead!

Utilize this lull to better arm your businesses with all sorts of technological advancements.

It could be that long-pending website revamps, or plan of migrating presence entirely to the mobile devices.

Or, about strategizing the digital marketing campaigns backed by deep data insights, which you used to skip usually due to the pressing schedules.

Or, could be about setting up and nurturing the digital profiles by investing time in relevant online communities,

Or improving digital reputation, sorting the negative publicity and digital footprints,

Or, investing in that one grand content strategy for your blog, this could be your chance to become an influencer in your domain and earning a permanent seat of excellence.

It could also be about prototyping those ideas on solving problems of the present and future civilizations

or perhaps, just running an audit of the digital assets, channels, strategy, and identifying or filling the gaps and loopholes.    

Plenty of time and space is made available to the businesses to put those important little things back on the table, that have the potential to shape the future, but were part of the backlog as time was not permitting enough attention to be devoted to them.  

Now it is the best time to dedicate attention to all those important little things, including your digital marketing

People have shorter memory, grab their attention while you can! Or your competition will outlive you!

Stay invested in Digital marketing, never before in human history have so many eyeballs hooked to the internet simultaneously, with so much of time and attention to spare!

When else could be better timing than this to embalm your business and brand image in the hippocampus of your future customer.  

Remember people in this internet age have short memories and even shorter attention span

As it may sound a little apathetic in such times but reaffirming what has been said earlier that things will change, the only question remaining is when, and once the change has arrived, can you cope up with!

Thus, instead of being a mute spectator, act and prepare to make the most out of this time and as the world will overcome this COVID crisis, ushering in a completely different era, only those who had acted now will flourish thereafter!   

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