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May 12, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide on Google Penalties and How to Recover

A Comprehensive Guide on Google Penalties and How to Recover Have you ever been in a situation where your website isn’t getting the traffic it deserves despite the myriads of marketing and advertising efforts employed by your digital marketing agency?   As nightmarish as this scenario may seem, your website may be experiencing from the […]

March 25, 2021

Most Popular SEO Trends & Predictions by Top Influencers

Most Popular SEO Trends & Predictions by Top Influencers It is a known fact that websites on the first page of Google receive a significant share of search traffic clicks from web users. This is evident in a recent Moz study which revealed that the first page of Google captures more than 70% of organic […]

March 18, 2021

2021 Google Search Console Guide for Dummies

2021 Google Search Console Guide for Dummies If the aim is a thriving online business, you should measure your performance with particular metrics. For instance, if you launch an ad campaign, your concentration will be on the Return of Investment (ROI) and the performance. If it is a branding campaign, checking the results on revenue […]

February 16, 2021

How to Expand Your Business Reach Using Google Knowledge Graph?

How to Expand Your Business Reach Using Google Knowledge Graph? Google seeks to deliver results that better match users’ searches by making connections between search terms and a real-life context. Find out what Google Knowledge Graph is and how it can help your business. Google’s ability to accurately determine the searches that users make on […]

December 18, 2020

Watch out for these 11 signs if your SEO Company Is Helping or Killing Your Website in 2021

Watch Out For These 11 Signs If Your SEO Company Is Helping Or Killing Your Website In 2021 If you are reading this article, chances are you are planning to engage with an agency for SEO of your website for all good things which you have heard about SEO or maybe you already have an […]

September 21, 2020

6 Key SEO Trends and Growth Statistics Every Marketer Should Follow During Post COVID 19

6 Key SEO Trends and Growth Statistics Every Marketer Should Follow During Post COVID 19 Things are gradually coming back to normal, well the new normal. For digital marketers, there is a new future and attention shift for digital marketers to remain relevant on the web. Do you know how many web searches are conducted […]

September 7, 2020

Why SEO Matters More Than Ever For Small Businesses During The Slow Season

Why SEO Matters More Than Ever For Small Businesses During The Slow Season Containment measures to curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe has led to the disruption of vital supply chains, resulting in a global economic downturn. This downturn has hit many small businesses very hard especially those in specific […]

September 19, 2018

Why are consumer sentiments important for your search engine rankings?

Bing has already done it. They use sentiment analysis for featured snippets and obviously how can Google be left behind?   No one likes negativity even if its online. Don’t worry, I’m not here to give you a self-help guide on spreading positivity, but emphasize that in a digitally driven world, the sentiments (positive or […]

August 22, 2018

How will Artificial Intelligence boost a more intelligent SEO future?

It was back in 1940s that Search Engine Optimization or SEO came into being. There were a few hundred websites then. Fast forward to today’s time and age, there are a billion websites and the subject of SEO is more complicated than ever. There are breakthroughs in every field and SEO is no exception. You […]

May 31, 2018

5 Thriving Areas for a Perfect Strategy for SEO in Universities and Schools

Each new fiscal year requires universities and school to set up a refreshed marketing plan. SEO is a critical aspect of this plan, and in case it’s not, you must. You can’t afford to not have search engine ranking when most of the people are searching on desktops, some other devices or mobiles. If you’ve […]

April 25, 2018

Why do Urgent Care service providers need to reconsider their Digital Marketing tactics today for sustaining online growth?

Image Source: The $14.5 billion Urgent Care Industry is growing at 5.8% annually in US.  The main reasons attributing to this growth are aging US population, increase in insured people, lack of access to primary care and an increase in the demand of accountable care. Even though the urgent care industry is growing but […]

February 28, 2018

15 SEO Tricks and Growth Hacks to Make Your Healthcare SEO Yield Awesome Results

SEO for healthcare has become imperative. Don’t believe us? Here are some statistics. There was a study that revealed that more than 80% patients search for their doctors/ dentists or hospital on Google It also added that online top search results can drive 3 times more patients to hospitals than the ones that are pushed […]

February 14, 2018

10 SEO tips to drastically increase walk-ins to your restaurant

When the Internet did not exist, restaurateurs heavily relied on word of mouth, print-media ads and walk-in traffic to make their restaurant or café run. But then came social media, smartphones and of course Google. Yes, Google is important. It accounts for more than 65% of search engine market share for restaurants. Given the high […]

January 17, 2018

SEO Misconceptions You Need to Stop Right Away to Successfully Grow Your Business

With deluge of information available on the Internet, it can be hard to isolate the relevant data from the outdated one. You don’t want to spend hours optimizing a site only to realise that the tactics you used no longer works.  Stop these SEO Practices listed below as they won’t do any good to your […]

January 10, 2018

9 SEO trends that will make your brand visible, desirable and creatively grow in 2018

There are too many SEO insights and predictions for 2018. Why are we talking about it now? Coz all the predictions you’re reading about will help you. Well, we are giving you the trends that will work for you to get you SEO rankings. No faff. No exaggerations. There are so many algorithm changes in […]

August 25, 2015

Local Search Engine Optimization Has Become Vital for Businesses Growth – Here’s Why

Being easy to find in local searches is more important than ever, which we will explore in seven different hard-hitting statistics. Mobile searchers As found by Google, 50% of all local searches done on mobile devices lead users to physical stores each day. On the other hand, 34% of computer users are doing the same. […]

August 19, 2015

Is SEO more important than user experience for business growth?

Source: Likely, you already know the answer to this. We should continue to remember that SEO is important and why it is, but never forget that user experience is why visitors stay, and will come back to your site. Let’s look into why this is the way it is and how to balance the […]

July 13, 2015

In-house team or Digital Marketing Agency – Who should you choose for your SEO Services to Successfully Grow Your Business?

In a recent post that appeared in Forbes, there was an interesting elaboration on what Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to know about SEO. The author mentioned that unless CMOs understand SEO and what can be expected from it, the result may not be satisfactory. For example, it’s important to understand that SEO is not […]