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Why Should You Care About Digital Marketing? Can Your Business Grow Bigger Than Ever

By Aron Allen
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We can only start talking about Digital Marketing once we have a common definition of the term. Digital Marketing is a set of marketing activities that employ digital technologies to reach clients. These digital technologies are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), link building, mobile advertising, Social Media Marketing and others.

There are a lot of trends that show that an increasing number of users are shifting from their desktops to adopt mobiles, notebooks and tablets. And for this very reason, traditional marketing can no longer work as effectively as digital marketing. For example, you most often fast forward the television advertisements during a recorded show on TiVO.

Marketers, around the globe, are shifting their budgets to mobile and content marketing, social media, paid search and organic search initiatives. If you take a glance into any household or office today, users are multitasking with their devices. You will find somebody busy on their mobiles, iPads, tablet and laptops or a combination of them.



Statistics show that more than 50% of today users dump a brand/company if they don’t have a mobile-friendly website. And another 63% users say that they are likely to not visit a website that seems too cluttered on their mobile or iPad. So, the alarming shift from users is making it necessary for you to have a Digital Strategy in place. Not only having a Digital Strategy is enough but because of the dynamic nature of trends around us, you have to consistently revisit and adjust this strategy.


Be relevant, accurate and consistent in a timely way

The new mantra for a successful Digital Strategy is to be relevant, accurate and timely. What this means is that in the huge noise of content all over the digital space, you should be able to provide just the right content that your users are looking for in a timely manner. Your Digital Strategy should be able to deliver consistent content over search engines and social media. Have a content marketing plan as part of your strategy to ensure that you create a brand awareness, engage with your target customers, nurture the leads and retain them, and are able to up-sell/cross-sell. Keep a track of what content do your target customers wish to see on your website and your social media channels. It’s also important to keep the focus on your SEO and paid search strategy.

Developing a new Digital Strategy is not a complicated task. You should have a clear understanding of your marketing goals, tactics and ways to measure the online performance.



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